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Why Donald Trump Should Be President

The society we live in, is a society of mostly scammers.  Thus, if you learn a lot in school, they will suddenly say you have no marketable job skills!  You cannot succeed economically by using real knowledge. But you cannot succeed economically by making up fake knowledge either!  Cannibalism never ended! Most of our professionals are nothing but liars who cannibalize their unsuspecting clients or patients.

If you tell the truth on youtube, no one will care. If you ever manage to get views, youtube will shadow ban you if you don't fully support America's system of total crookery!  There is nothing we can do!  Let the cannibals consume each other, and don't care about them!  Do only things you want to do!  If you are shadow banned by youtube, then make new channels! You are playing "wackamole" with the fascists in charge of America, and you are the mole!

The United States is not a Democracy.  In fact, democracy does not even exist.  The school teachers lied about everything!  After I learned what they taught me in school, the American authorities attacked me.  In America, most things are fake! Most people
Lie about everything in order to make a profit!  Democracy was just a lie or a bad joke. In reality, people who do not have any money do not have any rights.  I ran a simulation in my mind. What would I do if I was just a lowly peasant, and everyone else was corrupt and lying about everything, and just trying to abuse me?  I came to the conclusion that what I could do is appeal directly to the king.  I believe that Trump will be our next president.  And it doesn't matter if we call him a President or a king. In fact, it doesn't matter at all!  Therefore, I will appeal directly to Donald Trump.