Life, Is But a Dream!

I think the truth,

Is that everything is some kind of simulated virtual reality illusion!

because nothing makes any sense any more!

I started saying several months ago:

It seems pretty clear, that this simulation is starting to break down!

all the world is now is lies, upon lies, upon more lies!

The lies have become so twisted, that they cannot be reconciled!

So to compensate, they have made it so that the people-bots in this simulation cannot be talked to or reasoned with!!!

I think its true, that dreams are reality!

and life is but a dream!

But be warned, there are different kinds of dreams!

there are the dreams you have when you are sleeping, which is the exact opposite of the truth!

then there are the waking dreams, aka psychic visions.

the waking dreams show you what reality really is like!




In 1998 when I was in high school, I looked at how powerful computers were becoming and I came up with the hypothesis that one day, Billions of sentient beings would be simulated inside of giant computer banks.  Thinking about this further, I realized that there is actually a pretty high chance that I am already one of those beings with an electronic brain, living in a computer simulated reality!  I call this the CompuSim Hypothesis!

My Original Computer Simulated World Theory:

Back in High School when I originally developed my theory about a computer simulated world, I started with a couple assumptions.  My first assumption, was that artificial electronic brains would be faster and more efficient than the human brain.  My second assumption, was that it would be possible to manufacture a large number of these artificial brains and that they would last for a much longer period of time than biological brains.  At the time, I didn't think it would make much sense to put the artificial brains inside robot bodies.  I believed it would make more sense to set up the artificial brains in underground bunkers where they would be well protected from natural calamities.  I figured that the advanced electronic brains would house the mental processes of beings who are both sentient and intelligent, and that a simulated artificial world would also be created for these intelligent beings to interact with.

I then thought about this mathematically and statistically.  In one scenario, you might have 10 billion artificial brains, which each operate 10 times faster than a biological brain, and which would function for at least a billion years.  This would give you 100 billion billion simulated equivalent human years.  By contrast, the total number of actual human years so far has been less than 1000 billion.  Statistically, that means we are 100 million times more likely to actually be computer simulated beings, than to be real humans.

Of course, I realized the ramifications of all this.  Computer simulated beings need never die of illness or old age, and could live for billions of human equivalent years.  I even went so far as to hypothesize that the computer simulated beings would have unpleasant childhoods that would last for hundreds of years.  In addition, it goes without saying that the computer simulated beings could experience a far wider range of things than mere humans.

At the time, I realized that I was far more likely to be a computer simulated being than an actual human, but without any good evidence to give credence to that possibility, it would be impossible to know which type of being I was.

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