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About Psychiatry:

The psychiatric drugs do not work, and they cause mental illness.  Their only "mechanism of action" is that other people will treat you better if they think that you are fully taking "your meds".  Never try to reason with the professionals or anyone else you know for that matter.  The people listen to the professionals, and the professionals are semi-fascists who only care about controlling people and making money.  They do not care at all about long term outcomes.  The term used to describe psychiatric drugging is "iatrogenic".  Furthermore, if you do not clearly deny that you have depression, they may diagnose you as being depressed!

The truth is not hidden, it is out there for all to see.  Yet 99% choose to bury their heads in the sand.  If you care about the truth, MadInAmerica.com seems to be pretty darn accurate!




It is my strong belief based on my personal experiences and an examination of the available facts, that most cases of "incurable mental illness" are actually caused by Psychiatric Drugging!  First of all, scientific studies show that the artificial psychiatric drugs are only slightly better than placebo!  Yet, the psychiatrists act like the drugs are almost 100% effective, and they act like they are  almost as safe as water.  Society often takes this further and will often try to forcibly detain and forcibly drug those who are accused of having a mental illness!  This is pure Fascism!  They should not be allowed to violate the constitution to promote their mostly ineffective drugs!

Yet the truth is even worse than that!  The truth is that all of the major psychiatric drugs are actually highly addictive neurotoxins, that cause the very same disorders they are claimed to treat!

However, There may be hope.  I have discovered two things.  First, is that many people may need to taper the psychiatric drugs even more slowly at lower dosages, to hopefully stop taking them completely some day.  This process may take 7 years or longer!

Secondly, I have discovered a formula of common kitchen spices that seems to eliminate depression and boost mood!  The formula is as follows:

Natural Depression Cure Formula (Daily Dose):

Main Depression Preventing/Eliminating Mixture (3 size "00" capsules total):

1.5 grams Turmeric

200 milligrams fresh black pepper

Extra Mood Boosting Mixture (1 size "00" capsule, take more if needed):

103mg Garlic Powder

69mg Chili Powder

51mg Onion Powder

51mg Cumin

51mg Cayenne Red Pepper

43mg Paprika

43mg Cilantro Leaves

34mg Ground Mustard

34mg Ground Cloves

Please note, these spice capsules are not available for sale.  You will need to make them yourself.

Do You Choose to be Free from the Psychiatric Fascists?

Psychiatrists are fascists.  Whether they are aware of their own fascism or not is irrelevant.  Most people in this world have been thoroughly brainwashed to obey the people in charge. They have created a society which tries to exclude smart people who learned in school, prevent them from making a living, and drug them with "psychiatric" drugs that actually cause mental illness, not treat it!

If you have been caught in the trap that is psychiatry, you will know what its like to be gradually destabilized over time by drugs that are harmful, highly addictive, and ineffective at treating any known disorders!  You have two options.

  Your first option is that you can trust your fascist psychiatrist who actually has no knowledge of anything other than propaganda created by the pharmaceutical companies to make money for themselves.  In this scenario, you will get more and more unstable over time from the fraudulent psychiatric drugs.  Most likely, you will eventually have to be hospitalized or you may become yet another victim of "suicide".  Other possibilities such as the fact that the drugs may increase your violent behaviors, and lead to life imprisonment, will not be spoken of outloud by anyone else in society.  The psychiatric drugs are believed by society to be 100% effective and as safe as water, so the blame for anything bad that happens will be placed squarely on you, the patient!

Your second option, as a victim of this fake and semi-fascist society and of psychiatry, is to pull yourself up by your own bootstraps, and use your knowledge of science to make a recovery by disobeying the fascist psychiatrists!  Due to society's brainwashing, you will most likely have no choice but to lie to your psychiatrist and everyone you know in real life, and say you are fully taking the drugs.  Then, you can begin your ultra slow taper, which decreases more slowly at lower dosages, and will require at least 7 years to complete!  This is necessary because the psychiatric drugs are actually highly addictive and can easily cause withdrawal psychosis.  

If you have decided to trust psychiatry and the professionals who have created a society based on lies and fake artificial constructs against smart people, then read no further!  The drugs will likely make you feel like you might snap and completely lose it at any time.  If this feeling doesn't bother you, then try to have a nice life.  But, if you have decided that you would rather try to make a full recovery by discontinuing the psychiatric drugs which make you feel like you have a bunch of ants crawling around in your brain, and you are willing to disobey and lie to the lying semi-fascist professionals in order to get better, then read on! 

Remember, if you had decided to stay on the drugs, and your condition deteriorated while being on the drugs, society is still going to blame you 100% for anything bad that happens.  By slowly discontinuing the drugs, you are choosing to be free from the unnatural influence of the drugs, knowing that either way, you and you alone will be held responsible for your own actions.  Just remember, the fascist psychiatrists and most of the brainwashed population, never cared about your so called rights or freedoms, and that is why you need to take it upon yourself to manage your own recovery.  You know that if you are trying to manage something yourself, then you wouldn't tell anyone who you know about it, because they would only try to interfere by trying to impose their will upon you.

Once you start to discontinue the drugs, the method you need to use is called "Close Self-Monitoring and Solution-Finding."  You must closely monitor yourself for any changes or problems, and be completely honest with yourself.  If you start to detect that you are developing a problem, do not over-react.  Logically, and using your knowledge of science, try your best to find a solution to the problem.  Start by brainstorming a list of possible solutions and trying to recall if you know of anything that might have helped your problem in the past, which is easy to duplicate today.  Your goal is to discontinue the artificial psychiatric drugs, and therefore, you do not want to use any illicit or "recreational" drugs either, because doing so would only increase the complexity of your problems. You may develop solutions to any mental health problems on your own, or you may use the following "cheat sheet".

If you think you might want to do something violent to fight back against the people who lied to you and treated you unfairly, think about this:  If you commit even the slightest violent act, there is a chance that you will be locked away for the rest of your life due to America's numerous draconian laws.  But that said, it is not even worth fighting against other people using violence.  Other people are thoroughly brainwashed lemmings who are barely conscious.  Other people don't matter. You matter!  It is not worth doing anything that might hurt a brainwashed lemming-monkey, when you can do things to actually help and improve your own life!

If you start to feel depressed, You may need to take some of the food spices Turmeric and Freshly Ground Black pepper.  You may want to take these every day for a maximum of about 9 to 10 months.  Also, if you are taking the Turmeric and Fresh Black Pepper every day, it is also a good idea to take 1 capsule of the Extra Mood Boosting mixture every day as well!

If you feel overly upset at yourself or at the world, and you need a quick mood boost, take 1 to 4 capsules of the Extra Mood Boosting Mixture which contains 9 herbs and spices commonly found in food.  The mixture will boost your mood significantly within 1-3 hours.

If you at any time experience visual hallucinations, these can most likely be stopped with a light that flashes on and off at a frequency of 3 to 5 Hertz.  If the flashing light is bright enough, you do not even have to have your eyes open, you can just close your eyes and relax.

If you experience auditory hallucinations or voices, listening to natural sounds such as "Bird Song" Or "Dolphin Noises" is likely to counter-stimulate these "hallucinations" and significantly reduce them.

Also, for a variety of symptoms, listening to music and/or exercising are things that may improve your overall wellbeing.