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Disclaimer:  It is important to understand that I am most likely trapped in a different quantum universe than other people!  The "way out" would probably only work for me personally!  Do not even attempt this yourself, unless you are in a similar situation as me and have been completely ostracized by other humans for decades!

About a few weeks ago, I was cleaning up the computer room a bit.  I hastily picked up all of the papers on the floor, when something caught my eye.  It appears to be the original piece of paper, onto which I had written the information given to me by the telepathic beings!  I wrote these things on this paper sometime back in the years 2004 to 2006, when I was undergoing my process of awakening to societies lies and the self-debrainwashing process!
Here is a transcript of the above paper, with my current explanation in [] square brackets:

[very top]

-mental illness is contagious

responding to your mother asking you to help means your dissabled.

[left/top, scribblings of unknown importance]

NEn (gold)

SonnyBoy  [at the time, I heard the voice of President Bush in my mind and he called me "sonnyboy".]

[top right, The beginning of the main message from the 'telepathic beings' or comptrollers of the universal simulation]

Way Out:
Their all delusional retards and they cannot be helped.
That's: Very

When you no longer want to be helpful, you are ready to hear why "you bet" is bad.

[below the dividing line]

Being Helpful almost always means your dissabled.
That's: What a Moron
         It's supposed to be helpful somehow

The Grandfather Approach:
         I want to be friendly but I'm Trying to be helpfull. (which isn't allowed)
"Being helpful isn't allowed when your trying to be friendly."

That's: You Bet
        You Bet is worse than they say.
        It means you don't know how to talk.
-We began to ask questions (In Interviews) that people of Brad's type wouldn't know the answers to.
-We wanted to make the whole block a Holloween Funhouse for people like Brad.
[End of Page]


My Present Day Analysis:

The above writings are not the ramblings of a madman.  Instead, they appear to be a set of rules that have been laid out for regulating human behavior and communications between humans.  I do not believe that the sentence, "-mental illness is contagious" or the other scribblings of unknown importance are of telepathic origin.  However, I do believe that the other writings are most likely of direct telepathic origin!

Let's be clear: Something is certainly going on here!  There has to be a reason why no other human would befriend me after 5th grade!  I know it has something to do with the way people talk.  In particular, I know it has something to do with the way all other people lie almost all of the time and refuse to even acknowledge the truth!

I believe that in these old writings, the word "disabled" does not mean "unable to work".  I believe that in these writings, the word "disabled" actually means "outcast" or "leper"!

The message from the telepathic beings, starts by discussing the issue of helpfulness.  The most important parts of the message say that you are not supposed to respond when other people ask for help, because if you do respond, then that means there is something wrong with you!  The message also says in a roundabout way, that if you try to help people, then those people you tried to help can never be your friends!

The message then talks a bit about the rules for how humans are allowed to talk to one another.  "That's: You Bet" means that you wholeheartedly agree with something that another person said.  You are not supposed to do that, as it means that you do not know how to communicate properly!

Closer to the top, was something that I didn't actually remember I had written.  It says that there is a "Way Out".  For those who are unfamiliar with the importance of a way out, let me try to explain it to you in layman's terms:  You are trapped in a world of beings, who refuse to accept your help and also refuse to be your friend.  They look like humans, but are actually more like alien beings!  Think about it from the perspective of a child who wants to enter the adult world, but finds that everything the adults do and say is very strange!  This issue is covered in the television series "The Odyssey (1992)" which is available to watch on youtube.

The message from the telepathic beings, explains that the "Way Out", is to recognize that all other "humans" are delusional retards who cannot be helped!  The message then goes on to explain, that once you stop trying to help the other so called humans, then you are ready to be given an explanation by the telepathic beings, of how you are allowed to properly communicate with the other so called humans.

From my perspective, all of this makes perfect sense!  If you cannot get a job, the American professionals are allowed to attack you and forcibly drug you with chemicals that cause severe mental illness, but they are not allowed to actually help you by giving you a decent job!

I will have to analyze these things more in the future.  However, I must make an important disclaimer:  It is important to understand that I am most likely trapped in a different quantum universe than other people!  The "way out" of no longer trying to be helpful, would probably only work for me personally!  Do not even attempt this yourself, unless you are in a similar situation as me and have been completely ostracized by other humans for decades!

A Further Analysis and Explanation:

My experiences since the year 2020, have proven almost without a doubt, that this world is not as it seems and not as we were told!  Everyone is lying!  The true rulers of this world are beings who have telepathic powers, whether they be humans, aliens, or computers!  "The Old Paper" purportedly consists of 'secret' information which the telepathic controllers of society only give us once we become true adults!  In addition to the things in "The Old Paper", the telepathic controllers have given me additional rules and information which I have written in the essay below.

Information From the Telepathic Beings in Later Years:

In later years, the telepathic beings told me of three additional "rules".  In the first rule, I was told that we are "not supposed to try to preserve this system," and that if anything, we should try to "hasten the demise of this system."  The reason for this is very complex and I may try to explain it in another essay.  In the second rule, I was told that "Every adult human must have a hidden agenda."  I think they might have tried to teach me that those who don't have a hidden agenda may be sent to prison, institutionalized, or even killed!  And finally in the third rule, I was told that "once you say something (or post something online), you are not allowed to take it back!"  Furthermore, they told me, "If you try to take back something you said, you will go to prison."  Well in 2006 and 2007 I was feeling distressed and even "guilty" for no good reason, over some of the things I said on my webpages, and I deleted some things that I wrote.  Then in December of 2007, I ended up going to prison for two years!