Welcome to my New Home Page


Hello. My name is Bradford and I am the author of this webpage.  Growing up, I began learning hard science at an early age.  In Kindergarten, I would get up extra early on school mornings to watch Mr. Wizard's World on TV.  In grade school, I began playing around on my Commodore 64, and by the time I was in sixth to seventh grade, I had taught myself how to program both the commodore 64 and the 8088 PC/XT Clone in assembly language.

Later in High School, I was bullied and I began to have more problems which were likely caused by the powerful antidepressants they had put me on, I believe inappropriately.  Still, I scored in the 98th Percentile on the PSAT-NMSQT.  After High School, I briefly went to college but I believe the psychiatric meds and being ostracized and bullied had turned me into a practical basket case.  Soon after I dropped out of college, other Americans attacked me.  In retrospect, I had worked hard for 13 to 14 years to learn nearly everything I was taught while the other kids learned next to nothing!  But the fact is that I had worked hard and obeyed the law, but everything had been manipulated against me and nothing I did that people told me to do was ever considered good enough for them!

Because of the fact that I had actually learned in school, I was rejected and quickly attacked by American society!  I was never allowed any opportunities in life except to be a low wage menial slave all my life.  I always refuse to be a slave, and now I refuse to do most things America says because I know almost all of them are psychopathic liars and manipulators!

Today, I am essentially almost an American Hikikomori.  I reject society because they reject me.  I believe the reason they reject me is because I learned in school and I "know too much" and thus I cannot be brainwashed like most people now are!  On the bright side, I am still making progress in my efforts to resist America's semi-fascism against me.  I am once again trying to discontinue the highly addictive psychiatric medications, this time using an ultra slow taper.  My efforts would have failed if I had not miraculously discovered a formula of common kitchen spices that cured my depression and helped to stop certain other bad feelings!