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The Antithesis Principle:

The Antithesis Principle says that most professionals tell the antithesis, or the exact opposite of the truth, most of the time!  The Antithesis Principle itself does not explain why professionals almost always tell the opposite of the truth.  If you want to know why they do that, you need to look at other theories such as The Simulated World Theory, and Opposites Universe.

My experience with America's professionals started early in life when I went to American Public School!  Looking back, it seems that almost everything they taught about real life, was the exact opposite of the truth!  Here is a list of some of their lies.  Please note, "F" stands for false, and "T" stands for true.

1.F.) Everyone has guaranteed constitutional rights.
1.T.) The authorities only need very weak excuses to violate any supposed constitutional rights you may think you have.

2.F.) Everyone has inalienable rights that cannot be taken away.
2.T.) The authorities take away people's rights very often!

3.F.) Other people are intelligent and listen to reasonable arguments.
3.T.) Professionals are trained to believe that the American system can do no wrong and is never at fault.  Therefore, they reject all reasonable arguments against what they are doing!

4.F.) School knowledge is valuable to society and will almost guarantee a decent job.
4.T.) People and employers laugh at school knowledge and claim it has no value.  In fact, they do not think that any real knowledge has any value.  Only a college sheepskin has value in their minds.

5.F.) You should fight fascism with violence if necessary.
5.T.) If you use even the slightest degree of violence, you may be automatically sentenced to life in prison, due to America's draconian laws!

6.F.) America is Democratic.
6.T.) It goes without saying that if we have no constitutional or inalienable rights in reality, then the entire premise of Democracy is false!  No one will listen to anything we say.  There is no one we can complain to about America's corruption!

7.F.) We should vote for political candidates who claim they want to help us.
7.T.) Every last one of the candidates is lying and telling the exact opposite of the truth about most things that they will do!  Usually, when people want to take away our rights or try to control us and dictate our lives, they first claim that they only want to help us.