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My Dreams about Science BS, and a Real Concern!

I can tell you that history always, without fail, repeats itself!  Years ago, I had a dream that radio waves are like factory smokestacks, releasing dangerous pollution.  I woke up, and remembered that concern is not real at all!  Nevertheless, people in the media sometimes talked about radio wave exposure as a concern.  Now you may ask how I know that radio waves are not a concern, and I will tell you a true story.  When I was a kid, I made regular trips to a NASA research center, where I met some NASA engineers, toured the facilities and worked on science learning projects.  One time, the engineers explained that it was not uncommon for people to work next to powerful radio antennas that produced so much power they could light up a florescent bulb.  And in fact, the people did not suffer any ill effects from these radio waves!

Then, a number of years ago, I had a very unusual dream.  In this dream, I had thick plastic fibers under my skin and I pulled them out and they just kept coming.  I didn't know what to make of this dream, until the media started saying that people have microplastics in their bodies.  However, if my dreams are any guide, then this concern over microplastics is really not that serious!  You see, there are microplastics in human blood, but the amounts are extremely tiny and unlikely to have any effect.

Finally, we have the real concern over Climate Change.  Interestingly, I have never had any dreams about that subject.  Yet, in real life, we are now hearing some very serious concerns from the scientists.  Just recently, an ice sheet in Eastern Antarctica which was thought to be stable, suddenly collapsed.  If all of the ice in eastern Antarctica melted, it would raise sea levels by 160 feet, according to the article.  In other words, let's just say that the dangers from climate change are getting more serious and more real.

The fact is, that humans have now developed extremely efficient and inexpensive solar panel technology!  30 years ago, you could buy a tiny solar cell for several dollars, that would produce only enough electricity to spin an ultra low power motor.  Today, for less than $100, you can buy an advanced solar panel that is fully weatherproof and can produce up to 100 watts of real power.  What I am saying is, that the solar panel technology is now ready for mainstream use!  Its just a question of whether we choose to use that technology, and how we incorporate the solar generated power into our current energy scheme!