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updated 3-26-2022

Evony: The Kings Return - Resources:
In this section, I will discuss obtaining resources from tiles and from boss monsters.

Please note: I have confirmed on one of my accounts on my old server, that once you upgrade the Market past level 30, say to level 31, you can never again trade gold for regular resources.

Resources such as Food, Wood, Stone, and Iron are key elements in the game of Evony.  They are needed for upgrading buildings and building troops.  You can reduce the resources required to heal troops, by doing medicine research and having the proper monarch talent.  However, there is no way to reduce the amount of resources needed for buildings or troops.  Therefore, your only option is to obtain many more resources!

Up through level 27, the cost of upgrading buildings in resources is not too bad.  However, level 30 is of moderate difficulty, and level 35 is harder.  Of course it doesn't end there.  To upgrade to keep 36 requires tens of billions of resources.  To upgrade to keep 40, requires hundreds of Billions of resources!  A preliminary calculation is that one would have to gather resources for at least 10 years, to achieve level 40.

Resources From Tiles:
Gathering resources from tiles is a relatively slow but consistent way to get resources.  An average account might gather 200 million total resources in a day, but a super gathering account can gather about 500 million in a day.  On top of that, a decent account will produce about 100 million resources per day from city buildings.

When you send to tiles, Evony will automatically select a certain number of troops.  However, if you have any factors that give extra resources from gathering, then you need to increase the number of troops you send to tiles manually, in order to get the full amount!

The factors that give extra resources are:

Gathering Boost Talent = +20%
Mona Lisa in Art Hall = +10%

Common Korean Sub = +3%
Green Korean Sub = +6%
Blue Korean Sub = +9%
Purple Korean Sub = +12%
Gold Korean Sub = +15%

Now lets do the math:
If you have the gathering talent, and the Mona Lisa, that comes to +30%.  Then, if you have 1 gold, 1 purple, and 4 blue Korean subs, that adds +63%, for a total of +93%.  A level 15 tile holds 8.4 million resources. Therefore, in order to get the full amount of resources, you need to send a transport capacity of 8.4 x 1.93 = 16.3 million (rounded up to the nearest 100k).  

In addition to extra resources, you can get bonus resources which do not require more transport capacity.  Queen Jindeok Gives 40% bonus, and a set of 4 Champions equipment pieces on her, gives another 10%, for a total of 50% bonus resources.

Resources From Boss Monsters:
Rallying or Joining rallies of boss monsters are also excellent ways to get resources!  If you just get one box, the resources are often pretty good.  But if you can get a double drop fairly often, then the resources are very good.  Here is a list of the amount of resources in one box from various boss monsters.  Please note that this is the amount of each resource.  To get the total resources, you need to multiply by 4:

Hydra 1 = 300k
Hydra 2 = 700k
Hydra 3 = 1m

Ymir 1 = 250k
Ymir 2 = 800k
Ymir 3 = 2m
Ymir 4 = 2.2m

Golem 3 = 700k
Golem 4 = 900k

Witch 3 = 1.5m
Witch 4 = 1.7m
Witch 5 = 2m

Warlord 2 = 600k
Warlord 3 = 1.5m

B13 = 500k
B14 = 700k
B15 = 1m