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Americans don't learn they just pretend to learn. Then their grades and test scores are manipulated upwards. But other Americans will never tell you this secret they use to get diplomas, and degrees and then to make $50,000 per year.

All my life, they lied to me. The American educational system, Star Trek The Next Generation, and ABC News all told me that I would be living in a democratic country which opposes fascism and guarantees justice, freedom, and opportunity for all. But once I was released from the artificial environment of school, I discovered that other Americans might have been planning all along to prevent me from making a living, deprive me of my rights, and possibly even to put me to death the way Nazis did to Jews. Today, I will never make the same mistakes of learning the things that people told me were important.

The biggest deception of all was when educators pretended that people would care about our knowledge.

What Does School Do To People?
Does it worry you when your child comes home from school and says,"I had fun in school, I learned a lot today." Or does it frighten you when your child says,"I was the best in the class" but still doesn't remember any of the material? It should. But it would be even more strange to go through school and see that the student who took art classes rather than science classes was the one who got the computer job. Or to find out that no matter how much you learned in science and math, no one else cares. It would be even worse to be the only student in government class who learned anything and to happily be the one to have to answer outloud every question the teacher asks about the structure of government and the Bill Of Rights. But then to graduate and find out that freedom, democracy, opportunities, and rights were some kind of lie and no one knows about them or cares about them. If all this happens to you, you can forget about being a citizen or even three fifths of a citizen. You will be only one fifth of a citizen.

Again, I was promised a high paying career for learning science and technology. But today I see I will never be needed because the U.S. can bring in immigrants on h1b visas to do the job and continue to give degrees only to the people who didn't learn. Indeed, just as I was told in school that I would have inalienable rights, I was also told that I would be rich like Bill Gates. Today, neither of these things could be further from the truth. Looks like a conspiracy to tell us lies.

Strangely, everytime I learned something, they locked me out and gave the job to someone who didn't learn what I learned.

And again, the best evidence we have that this is not a democracy is that no other students learned a thing in government class.

At present, textbook knowledge is not required in the economy. Those who learn when others do not would have to avoid going to school. It is also neccessary to oppose textbook knowledge when it comes up because it does not accurately represent how other people think and work. When we take away all our textbook knowledge which is not shared by other people, we can understand why we have been left with nothing but pain and false hope by the American educational system.

An Alernative Theory:
In an episode of The Odyssey called "Tug Of War" the concept of a bomb that erases knowledge is introduced. The best explanation for why other students don't learn is that the primary purpose of school is to erase knowledge rather than to instill knowledge. In particular, when a student is taught about freedom and democracy, this has the effect of erasing the students knowledge of these subjects so they become believers in totalitarianism.

But why do tens of millions of students who've had their knowledge erased become richer and richer every day? We must not forget to look at another episode of The Odyssey called "Learning Curve". In this episode, Flash is awarded the position of "tester" because he is less intelligent than Jay. In fact, the technology that Flash is going to test requires a tester with low intelligence, and its operation is severely limited if the tester has too much intelligence. So as you see, lack of knowledge is at least as important of a qualification as having knowledge.

A New Proposal:
I propose that every American teacher must give up one third of their wages because of the lies they told about Americans having inalienable rights. This money would be used to compensate these teacher's victims.

The Educational Deception:
For fifteen years, I studied and worked hard. I went beyond academics and gained specialized scientific and technical knowledge. Oftentimes, I scored in the 99th percentile on standardized tests. But when I was released from school, I discovered that nothing I had learned qualified me for anything. Talking to potential employers, I'm sure it wouldn't matter how much knowledge I had, they would say that they could not deal with me unless I had certain degrees, certifications, or experience. It was as if they reset my life. After being kept somewhere for fifteen years and being given knowledge that, no matter how advanced, would not matter to employers, it would likely require another 15 years from when I got out of school to recover before I could possibly get a job. The moral of the story is that nothing taught in school counts.

The Only Real Thing:
The only real loss is a financial loss. The only real win is a financial win. Nothing in school was real. School was in fact a holding cell, to prevent us from understanding how to make money, and to ensure that we would be unprepared for life when we became adults.

To Know Things Or Not To Know Things:
At a family gathering, hearing bingo numbers being yelled out, I imagined, if I said to these people that America gets nearly all of its electronics products from China, these people would surely reply by saying, "What? From where?" What this means is this. Although it seems that other Americans are incredibly ignorant, and that they may be retards or may have been brainwashed, the truth is that other Americans are instinctually incapable of understanding any academic fact they they can't use to make money. I am still betrayed by my academic upbringing, which taught me things such as that there is a country called China, and that there are types of things called electronics. You see, it doesn't matter how true an academic fact is, if other people can't profit by knowing it, they will instinctually act like they are mentally retarded and brainwashed in the face of such facts. Yet this is only part of the picture. Even though other Americans know it is best for them to instinctually be incapable of understanding certain facts, that doesn't always mean that it would be best for me to ignore any such facts. Of course, I remember the last time I acted on my knowledge of the supposed facts, investment prices and perhaps everything in society was manipulated by strange forces to prevent me from succeeding. So the moral of the story is, we are no better off with knowledge or without knowledge, because everything is stacked against us and always will be. We can only retreat back to a position where we will fight and kill if other people try to take anything away from us. Even if we had only one tenth as much as other Americans, and one hundredth as much as we deserve based on our knowledge, we have to be satisfied with what little we have. The telepathic mental comptrollers demand it.

America's Crimes:
I was kept in school for fifeteen years. Each one of those years, I was taught lies that had no value to employers, while none of the other students learned. Because of their crimes, I will never give up in my efforts against America's educational institutions. America's educational institutions will be reformed and will be made to pay reparations for their crimes.

The Retard Vs. The Experimenter:
There are people who might wish to experiment with physics and electronics. Yet, people who might wish to do this, will have to look at the example of the retard. For instance, a mentally retarded person in America, who learns nothing, may still be able to get a job and make more money than a Chinese person who works producing electronics. And this mentally retarded person will be able to buy electronics for low prices with his wages. Yet the person who wants to experiment with physics and electronics will find that knowledge of physics and electronics is worth no more to other Americans than the knowledge that a mentally retarded person has. And so, the person who wants to experiment, will have to deal with the fact that even mentally retarded people know not to waste their time with physics or electronics and will instead buy these products from Chinese people who make less than them. So first of all, someone who wants to experiment with physics and electronics must realize that he or she may be worse off than a mental retard. Second of all, a person who wants to experiment with physics and electronics will have to isolate themselves completely from society. This is because society looks at physics and electronics knowledge as being retarded, and people in society are making more and more money every day by doing things other than experimenting with physics and electronics.

copy of article from ANTI-US.COM
Is This America Or North Korea?
Not to long ago, I saw a story on CNN about a group of people who had been held hostage in a North Korean prison camp. When these people got out of captivity, they explained that they had been told that they would be better off than many other people after their indoctrination. They were told that they would have things and that people in the rest of the world would be starving. But when they got out, they learned that it was the North Koreans who were starving and that people in other countries were the ones who had plenty of food and other things. Although this was a story about people who had been held captive and brainwashed in North Korea, and who later managed to leave the country, this story in many ways parallels my own experiences in America. Just as the prisoners in North Korea were told that they would have more than people in other countries after their indoctrination, I was told while I was in school that I would have more than other Americans if I learned what I was told to learn. And like the prisoners from North Korea, I was told that other people would have major economic difficulties because they did not learn certain things. But when I got out of school, I, just like the North Korean prisoners, discovered that I had nothing and it was other Americans who were extreemly well off. For me, this isn't America, this is North Korea.



Here at PoorChurch.com, Devon Sawa is one of our ministers!

There is no such thing as guilt. Fractal admitted this in an episode of The Odyssey called "The Big Picture". We must never say we're sorry. Now that we are living in a fascist state, we have to know when to fight and when to accept things. And perhaps even more importantly, we have to know when to live and when to die. More often, we must expect to die rather than expect to continue living.

How America Lied:
The Theory of Relativity was proposed by Albert Einstein in 1905. Quantum Mechanics was worked out in the 1920s. When we were growing up, we were taught about the economics of the industrial age in school and about the principles of relativity on American T.V. In other words, we were taught about the economics of 100 years ago, and about the science of 100 years ago, and then only about the aspects of these things which are likely now obsolete. It stands to reason that in the last 100 years, humans have made tremendous advances which they would not tell us about in school or on American T.V. because these things have present day relevance. In fact, America has even found a way to grow and maintain its economy without producing things or building industries, as we were told they must in school. Here at PoorChurch.com, we hope to describe some of the advances in reasoning that have been made in the last 100 years, with the help of two foreign made T.V. shows.

Rediscovering scientific advances made within the last 100 years which have been covered up because of their present day economic and social value will be a great challenge. The Odyssey and Earth Final Conflict may have been able to predict the war on terror and the September 11th attacks because they did not limit themselves to the knowhow of 100 years ago, the way the American media has. One of the most advanced principles illistrated in The Odyssey was something called the unscientific method. Realize that the scientific method is now defunct to most Americans because employers don't care about it and scientists don't want to share their data or findings.

Here at PoorChurch.com, we have begun to understand that everything we were taught in school, and everything we are told on American T.V. is a lie. We have also begun to realize that for everything we believe, the opposite will come true. Just having knowledge might cause you to fail. This is one reason why the media kept saying "knowledge is power". Here is a list of some of our beliefs at PoorChurch.com.

-The only way to not be hurt by American lies is to not watch American T.V. and to not read any American newspaper. We do not prohibit watching American T.V. for at most a few minuits every day or two.

-Those who have knowledge of the concept of love or believe in love will not be loved.

-Those who believe that there is such a thing as friendship will not have any people who act like friends.

-Those who try to be nice will be thought by others to be mean and stupid.

-If the U.S. media tells you the field you are studying to go into is growing, you better change your field of study immediately because the media lies about everything.

-Those who use gramatically correct language will be thought to be much less intelligent than average.

-Those who believe in freedom and democracy will have rights taken away from them.

-Those who learn will be put down for being too narrow minded and for not taking advantage of opportunities to not learn and to instead have their grades manipulated upwards.

-Those who use school to learn may be excluded where as those who allow school to erase certain knowledge from their minds may become succesful.

-Those who lie will oftentimes get more attention than people who tell the truth.

-Those who try to help people will often be put down. Helping people is a privilige, not a right.

-Those who are forced by others to ask doctors to help them will become very sick and have their social priviliges taken away.

-Those who think too much about things will have their futures ruined.

-Setting too many goals may lead to paralysis.

-If other people want you to set a goal, they are probably trying to decieve you.

-If you believe you will become successful but don't actually know you will become successful, you will be made to fail.

-If you believe you will fail even if you don't know for sure you will fail, you may be successful.

-Even if educators praise you, you must still be on the lookout for grade manipulation and other sly tactics.

-We recommend that you avoid doctors and that you do not take medications for things like psychiatric dissorders, or high blood pressure.

-To focus on success, we recommend no more schooling, no college, no training, no trips to the library, and absolutely no more complacency.

History Of PoorChurch.COM
In The Prophesy, Yudo played by Devon Sawa set up the event shown in the picture for Jay Ziegler after being given instructions by Bradford Ziegler in a vision.

I, the founder of PoorChurch.com, am named Bradford. Several months before finding The Odyssey online in December of 2006, and subsequently getting BUSH4U.COM, I had a vision in which President Bush and my mom took me to the site of the World Trade Center and showed me that it was still there. Its destruction had been faked. Indeed, if the American media can hide shows like The Odyssey and Earth Final Conflict, and if they could almost always tell me the complete opposite of how people think and how life would be, then they might even be deceiving us about the destruction of "The Tower".

Why People Succeed:
The Universe itself is manipulated against people who have knowledge. Most Americans are well off because they have already had their knowledge erased in schools and universities. However, If you have not gone to college or if high school did not have the intended effect of erasing knowledge, then your only hope is to avoid all forms of academic information. Why do they spend $200,000 per year to educate a mentally retarded child but will never help a student who learns everything he is taught? It is because mentally retarded people are thought to be more valuable and society wants them to be better off than smart people, because they have no knowledge which the universe can use against them.

The Origine Of Ability:
To gain an ability is not a matter of learning things or practicing. Instead, to gain an ability is to form a telepathic connection with the part of the universe responsable for that particular skill. When I was in grade school, I had what I thought was a very special ability to add numbers. Although I didn't know where this ability came from, it allowed me to do better than the other students in math. I thought of this ability as a secret that I couldn't even explain. Only later when I didn't need this ability as much to do well on math tests, did I realize that this ability probably had something to do with visualizing quantities in my mind and fitting them together in groups of tens. Later, when I learned science and engineering concepts, and how to program my own computer, I saw that no one else had these abilities. Today, I see that these are not natural abilities, they are abilities made possible by some kind of telepathic relationship to the universe itself.

Finding things and buying things still requires rational thought. But making money and making friends is completely irrational. Because making money is irrational, people who have knowledge of the concept of making money, are prevented telepathically from being able to make money. People who have knowledge of making friends are also prevented telepathically from making friends. There may be only a few thousand people in the United States who think rationally. If one of these people thinks very strong rational thoughts, the direction of the entire country will be changed telepathically to oppose these rational thoughts. This is the concept of anti-thought. My ability to think rationally about engineering concepts ensures that I will be telepathically prevented from being able to make any money. However, I may gain knowledge telepathically which will allow me to use my technology skills to build defensive systems, which might deter or prevent an attack against me.