We live in a very strange society which makes absolutely no sense whatsoever!  Most things our society does do not make any sense and go against the principles we were taught in school!  Almost everyone else in society seems to have been thoroughly brainwashed!  We must believe that the U.S. in which we live is actually a Semi-Fascist Oligarchy.


The Hyper-Manipulation Of American Society Against Me:

It is impossible to say why American society is being hyper-manipulated against me.  This may be an issue of the Computer Simulated World, because after all, they are manipulating small things against me as well as the large things.  On the other hand, it may be an example of opposites universe, which seems to ensure that every promise made by America is broken by them and that they in fact do the exact opposite of what they promised.  But although unlikely, the final possibility is that America has manipulated things in favor of the wealthy elite and against me, because of corruption and big money in politics!

Although the actual cause and reasons are unknown, many things in American society ended up being manipulated against me.  As a result of this manipulation of everything against me, I have vowed to remain a hikikomori all my life and lie to their corrupt professionals, in order to survive.  I believe that this is the best approach for dealing with their fascism.  Below is a list of many of the things which were manipulated against me in American society:

1. In school, I was promised constitutional and inalienable rights.  After I graduated, America first violated my promised constitutional rights by using weak excuses.  They then started passing tens of thousands of laws to take away people's "inalienable rights".

2. In school, it was promised that school knowledge would be valuable in real life and would almost guarantee a decent job.  I made sure to learn practically everything I was taught, and I learned more than 98% of the students nationwide.  I also learned on my own how to program computers. After I graduated, employers said that school knowledge has zero value to them and does not constitute any marketable skills!  Self-taught knowledge also has zero value to them and they want me to spend at least ten thousand dollars in order to learn "an actual job skill".  I say, Go to Hell!

3. In kindergarten and first grade, I did not do well. But in second grade, I taught myself how to study, learn the subject matter, and do well on the tests.  For a few years, I was recognized as an honors student.  Then, starting in high school, the teachers began manipulating the test grades of the other students upwards, supposedly by grading on a curve.  This took away all of my academic advantages in relation to GPA!

4. In grade school, they started giving me many lessons on writing reasonable arguments.  As an adult, I have tried to use these skills in speaking out about America's total corruption, but no one listened.  Recently, certain "scientific" studies have shown that the population almost never listens to reasonable arguments.

5. I don't believe I was ever mentally ill.  I was never diagnosed with depression as a kid, but the doctors put me on strong antidepressants in grade school.  These drugs eventually turned me into a basket case and so they put me on even more drugs.  I never heard any voices until after they put me on the antipsychotics.  Recently, I have begun discontinuing these drugs and I am doing much better.  However, other people would never understand this and they would violently attack me if they thought I wasn't fully taking their drugs!  The scientific truth is that psychiatric drugs do not effectively treat any known disorders, and they are basically just narcotics to alter the brain's functioning in ways that are unrelated to any known disorders!

6. In school, they never taught us about any real life laws, they merely claimed that America is a Democratic Republic.  The news media, has gone further, claiming throughout my life that America is "a Democracy".  Of course I now know the truth, that America is a semi-fascist country.  In school, they said we have to fight fascism "with violence if necessary".  Also, during my school years, the other kids committed violent crimes against me, almost on a daily basis and often got away with it.  However, in real life, they have many draconian laws.  If we resist physically in any way, they will consider that to be a violent crime.  They now likely have laws to automatically sentence us to life in prison for even the slightest "violent act".

These are the 6 major ways in which America has been manipulated against me!   Are they some kind of "Devil Society?"

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