You know there is something seriously wrong with the education system when no one else has any idea what a mammal is, and when employers say that 13+ years of learning is worth absolutely nothing to them, no matter how much you might have learned!  Everyone who is allowed to earn a high school diploma should know basic facts about all of the major subjects by heart, but unfortunately, most do not.  Furthermore, Employers should never discount high school knowledge as being "completely worthless".  What you basically have now in America is a society of dummies who do not know any of the basic facts and are therefore very easily manipulated into believing certain falsehoods!


Very few Students Learned In School, Therefore Our Society of Corrupt Brainwashers can Say School is Worthless:

lol, I was a kid in the 1980s

i think they had some good music back then,

Well, I did have my commodore 64, lol

but it was very primitive

I can't imagine what its like these days for kids, to have smartphones, and super powerful computers.

back in the 1980s, there was not much to do with the commodore 64 except make Basic programs for it.

but I taught myself how to program, and now I am never bored!

I am glad that I am free.

If I were in prison, they would not allow me to program anything.

but my time on earth may be limited

because I feel that human society has gone completely insane.

Its gotten to the point where our rulers don't even care anymore!  They openly admit that they think all school knowledge is worth nothing!

Well if you don't learn anything, you won't think any of it matters!

We are ruled by a bunch of ignorant dummies!

they think, that a few years of college is going to make up for learning absolutely nothing in middle school and high school!

I got news for them:

Nothing is going to make up for their total lack of basic knowledge!

I don't know how or why they are doing this!   All I know, is that I learned more than 98% of the students in school, and now they are manipulating everything against me!


If you were not in the 90th percentile, then you probably were not even trying to learn anything!

here's my smartness guide:

98-99 percentile: you actually put in some work to actually learn some things.

95-97 percentile: you may be somewhat smart.  maybe you just had a "bad test day."

90-94 percentile: Clearly, at some point you tried, but it was not the best effort you could have made.

80-89 percentile: at some points, you casually tried to learn some of the material.

less than 80 percentile: you basically did not learn anything!

so if people in the 79th percentile did not learn anything...

imagine people who were in less than the 60th percentile....

those people might have learned the opposite of what the teachers taught!

but that's my theory!

60% of the population learned only the exact opposite of what was taught in school!

another 20% learned nothing

and another 15% learned a little bit.

That leaves, only 5% of the students who actually learned a meaningful number of facts and concepts in school!

And what does society say about those people who learned in school?

"Everything you learned in school is complete garbage.  you are complete garbage too, unless you have "higher" education."

what is this sh1t about "higher" education?

it's some kind of fascist Nazi brainwashing scheme!

but anyhow, there are three points here:

1. the majority of people learn nothing in school, and may actually be learning the opposite of what was taught!

2. "higher" education is a fascist brainwashing + money making scheme!

3. If you did learn things in school, then this society of corrupt brainwashers, will act like you are garbage!


​February 2022: A post of mine on YouTube:

As someone who was considered "gifted" I can tell you it's true that gifted students are special needs, but it is not for the reason you would expect! The fact is that our modern society is set up to be against smart people who learned in school! I will give you 5 examples of this:

1. School says they are teaching valuable things. But, when you actually go to get a job, everyone suddenly starts acting like your school knowledge is worth nothing at all!

2. You will probably be bullied and even called "retarded" for being "too smart".

3. If you do well in school, your parents may develop extremely high expectations. When you are not as successful as was expected, your parents may become irate and abusive towards you! (it happenned to me.)

4. If you are special needs for having "low intelligence", society will sometimes pay more to school you. If you are smart, they want you to pay for "higher education" out of your own pocket! This whole issue of using the word "higher" to suggest that schooling you pay for yourself is superior, is a big societal scam!

5. After you finish high school, you will find out that they lied about real life! In school they said you have constitutional and inalienable rights. Once you are an adult, they may try to violate or take away your so called rights at will! "Higher" education is just as bad, as America's professionals have been turned into a lot who believe that nothing they do is ever wrong!


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