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‚ÄčARCHIVE OF ILLYAWOLOSHYN.COM FROM 11-25-2007 (One Segment Deleted for Privacy Purposes):

Fan page for "The Odyssey", a suppressed Canadian T.V. series, and the show that predicted September 11th.

Understanding Society:
When I found The Odyssey, I realized with 100 percent certainty that the war on terror, September 11th, and everything else I was told about here in America was a sham. If these things were not a sham, then people would respond to the mention of terrorism in The Odyssey, and those in charge would not have tried to take The Odyssey away from us many years ago. The fact that people don't respond to the phrase "burn down the tower" proves that people know that terrorism is not significant and not real, even though we are told otherwise by the media. In fact, I have seen how all my life the American media and American educational institutions told me only things which were not real and no longer important, and other people knew that none of these things were real, but they just couldn't tell me. Instead, they knew to not learn any of these things in school, or to not think about anything the American media claimed was important.

Social Issues In The Odyssey:
The views expressed here are my own, and are not necessarily shared by Illya Woloshyn. However, I make no oppologies for my viewpoints. I was educated in science, technology and in government, but when I left school, I was marginalized by a society which looks down upon all forms of academic knowledge. The world I was told about by my teachers has fallen appart completely. America's economic and political system no longer makes any sense. Today, I really feel like I am Jay Ziegler living in a world controled by fascists, or like I am Brad Ziegler, who failed as a democratic leader and was put under house arrest because the despots were stronger than him. I am astounded by the superhuman foresight that the creators of The Odyssey must have had if they knew back in 1992 that fascism and terrorism would become major social issues. And, I look up to all of the characters in The Odyssey, and all of the actors for the skill and effort they put into the show. And most of all I love Jay and the actor who plays him, Illya Woloshyn.

 In an episode that first aired on December 21, 1992, called "Wanted", Jay and his friends helped to foil a plot by a group of terrorists to burn down the tower. The tower was later revealed to be a sky scraper. Then just two months after this episode aired, the World Trade Center was first attacked by terrorists.

The major political issues in the show are fascism and terrorism. The possibility that a building called the tower might be attacked by terrorists was mentioned several times. There was even a group of young terrorists who had a plan to burn down the tower with kerosene. Later, the tower was revealed to be an actual sky scraper. Other potential attacks such as the possibility that someone might poison a resevoir are also mentioned. And in addition to terrorism, the issue of fascism was elaberated upon. In The Odyssey, someone might be arrested simply for being different. These same injustices now occur in American society. Because of my differences, I may soon be put to death by other Americans.

America Today:
Now that I have become an adult, I can see that the economic system of America, and possibly the economic system of the entire world no longer makes any sense. Stocks soar as foreign money pours into the U.S. and as americans seem to have fewer and fewer good business ideas. Colleges are handing out more and more degrees, and there seems to be no evidence that these college graduates learned anything they were taught. At the same time, people who commit minor technical offenses can now be given mandatory prison sentences of 15 years or more. These relatively new and extreemly harsh mandatory sentences which now are given to people who may have done little or nothing wrong make crimes like rape, murder, and fraud look like minor offenses in comparison.

But although it seems clear that we are living in a fascist state, there is no explanation for how almost every citizen pretends to have learned in school when they did not. Both the extreem wealth of america's nine million millionares and the extreemly threatening actions of our justice system are too extreem to even be believable based on an academic description of the purpose of civilization. When we try to explain our society based on the academics we were taught, we can only fail. We could easily think that everything we were taught in school was some kind of brainwashing.

And what of the land of freedom and opportunity for all? It was a lie. Today, America is the land of the imprisoned and the decieved. What of the land of inalienable rights? Now they can permanently take away a person's rights or imprison them for life for relatively minor offenses. Just like in NAZI Germany, America's professionals are now helping to prosecute and label their citizens in order to take away their rights for life. As a fringe benefit, the more people America's professionals help to give criminal records too, the less difficult it will be for these professionals to keep their high up jobs. It seems that fascism took hold in America in just the last 20 years. The only solution those persecuted now have is to fight. And to this end, we will let society attack us first.

Today, I am looking for the truth and for things of value as most Americans having run out of business ideas hand their wages over to the Google Guys. I recently got a second chance to see The Odyssey in its entirety on YouTube.com. You can trust me Illya, my name is Brad and I am only a year older than you. This web page is my online world. It is a fansite and place in which I will devulge many of the things I have learned. This site is also a work in progress and I will continue to add things on a regular basis.

Fractal's Theory:
Thesis: Jay by his very presence will wreck the world. Antithesis: Jay by his very presence will not wreck the world. Synthesis: Jay wrecks the world when he leaves it.

Our Newest Theories:
Thesis: learning what they teach you in school will make you more successful. Antithesis: learning what they teach you in school will not make you more successful. Synthesis: learning what they teach you in school will make you less successful.

Thesis: Teachers tell us how our society works. Antithesis: teachers do not tell us how our society works. Synthesis: teachers tell us mostly incorrect things about how our society works.

Thesis: The American media will tell us the truth about society. Antithesis: The American media will not tell us the truth about our society. Synthesis: The American media will tell us the opposite of the truth about our society, and will tell us lies about everything from freedom to freindship, to love, to happiness, and to success.

Thesis: Americans have inalienable rights. Antithesis: Americans do not have inalienable rights. Synthesis: If they tell you you have inalienable rights they will take them away.

Thesis: All Americans have freedoms and opportunities. Antithesis: Not all Americans have freedoms and opportunities. Synthesis: Schools take away freedoms and opportunities at the same time they are promising that you will have them.

Thesis: The purpose of school is to give people knowledge. Antithesis: the purpose of school is not to give people knowledge. Synthesis: The purpose of school is to erase knowledge.

Thesis: The scientific method will help you understand things. Antithesis: The scientific method will not help you understand things. Synthesis: The scientific method may prove useless and the unscientific method as described in The Odyssey will help you to understand things.

Why I Like The Odyssey:
I saw many of the episodes from seasons 1 and 2 of The Odyssey on the SCI-FI channel when I was growing up. However, I didn't see all of them in order and they discontinued airing them before I could tape more than a few. Then ten years later, in December of 2006, I had been watching less and less American T.V. because I realized they were lying about everything, and so I combed my mind for other shows I had seen in the past. Suddenly remembering something I exclaimed to my family, "there was even a show with a military dictator in it named Brad, which is the same as my name." I looked up the show online and to my surprise, every single episode was available to be watched online on YouTube.com. I started watching from the first episode, and I was delighted that the show was much, much better than expected. The plot was very sophisticated, the reasoning was very advanced, and the show did not tell the same lies as nearly all of the shows on American T.V. And the show even featured things that people talk about today like terrorism and checkpoints. And instead of Brad being a dictator as I had thought, he was someone who Jay looked up to and was looking for. And as I watched the story, I even saw things that looked simular to what I was experiencing in life. After watching all thirty nine episodes two or three times, the show was taken off of YouTube due to some kind of terms of service violation. Although I could finish making my fanpage from memory, I decided to get the VHS tapes. But when I contacted Omnifilm, they said the The Odyssey is no longer available. You have to wonder what they pay people to do these days. I therefore decided that I would just put up what I had written and add more things over time, using the few episodes that I recorded 10 years ago. A few weeks later, I found another source for The Odyssey. I have put all three seasons of The Odyssey onto DVDs that I can play in a DVD player. Now, no one can take them.

FANFICTION - Developments Since The Detonation Of The Time Bomb:
analysis by Brad, top underworld strategist.

The present situation is such that there is now an apparent standoff between us and the big people on the other side of the wall opening. We don't know if we are the same species as them, but we are not members of the same civilization, and we can't even communicate with them due to their use of coded language. It is still apparently true that they are just as afraid of us as we are of them. But although they are now providing for us a display of all the horrendous things they are capable of by doing things to their own people, and although they are passing laws to help them do these horrendous things even more often, we do not know if they are planning a direct attack against us. As we live along side them longer, we see that they do not share the same concerns as us. They seem concerned more about sensational news stories than about what is actually happening. They seem concerned more about trading stocks and selling gimicks than about producing things or doing things which are meaningful. While they seem concerned about coming up with irrational ideas, we are more concerned about possessing things and ensuring our safety and security. We still don't know how this apparent standoff will end, as we are still on opposite sides and we still use different ways of talking. But the possibility that they might attack is the biggest threat we have ever faced and we cannot even say whether we will be alive much longer. We have made basic preparations against them and we are in the process of perfecting an early warning system.

Other Thoughts:
In one episode of The Odyssey, Flash is chosen as the winning tester not because of his knowledge but because of his lack of knowledge. Today, students who don't learn are more likely to be given a free pass where as students who learned are more likely to be put down or criticized. There is a full scale assult on the very knowledge that is being handed out in school and on those who have gained this knowledge.

The best evidence that this is not a democracy, is that the other students conspicously learned not a single thing in government class.

There is some evidence that shows like The Odyssey are being suppressed because they mentioned the issue of terrorism back in 1992 and because they show us a different viewpoint than almost every American TV show and movie. It is hard to come up with an explanation other than mind control for why The Odyssey might have been suppressed.

My name is not only Brad, it is Bradford. This is the name used for Jay's father in "The Prophecy". Another simularity is that my grandparents on my mother's side had a dog named Bentley, which is also the name of Jay Ziegler's dog. The Odyssey does not just have simularities to real life, it also has simularities to my life.

I read online that Illya Woloshyn is of Ukrainian descent. My grandfather was from the Ukraine. He was kidnapped from the Ukraine by the Nazis who took him back to Germany to work as a slave. In Germany, my father was born and both came to the United States. I am partly of Ukrainian descent too.

A Glimpse Of The Underworld:
One day, while laying in bed, I tried to imagine what it would be like to be in the underworld. When I found Jay, he was with a group of kids running from macro and other unknown threats. To survive, they had to run from place to place and block off doors to protect themselves. They went into a meeting hall, and they had a discussion on food provisions. I was there. They asked me what kind of vegetables I thought the kids would need, but I didn't know what to tell them because I didn't know what kind of vegetables they had in the underworld. Although I didn't know too much about the vegetables, the other kids were impressed with my ability to add two digit numbers in my head and tell them the answer. So I became the kid's adder. They would ask me to add two numbers, and I would give them the answer. The kids told me about a crystal inside a cavern that served as a gateway with the adult world. Oftentimes, the other kids would speak into this crystal, but they would get no response. I said something into the crystal, and a loud response came back from the other side. Then, I believe I might have tried to travel through the crystal. After finding that I had left the underworld, I tried to get back. Eventually, I returned by crawling in through a window. After a number of other things happened with this crystal gateway that I have since forgotten, I was shown a glimpse of how the underworld would look in the future, after it was electrified. In the electrified version of the underworld, instead of running from place to place and blocking off doors for safety, each of us had our own little dwellings or shacks. I was at my little dwelling, and Jay came over and asked to eat lunch with me.

Comments On What I Imagined:
Electrification in The Odyssey is an interesting subject to look at. In The Odyssey, some places are electrified, and other places are not. Certainly the tower and some other buildings were electrified. But the abandoned homes were not. Usually, daylight is used rather than artificial light. The amount of electricricity usage seems to be quite low, indicating that there may have been only a low generating capacity in the underworld. The simulated world of "Nowhere" was a true alternate dimention of the mind rather than an environment created by hologram generators and computers. When travelling through tunnels, Jay and the other kids had to use lanterns rather than flashlights.

By contrast, American T.V. tells us that we will be superior if we have electrical gizmos or if we have knowledge of electricity and electronics. Yet, even people in the third world may have electrical items, and in America, there is no market for our knowledge of electricity and electronics. The Odyssey is one of the few shows which uses a low tech world to explain why there is more to life than worshipping technology or having things like flashlights. And with things like terrorism occuring in The Odyssey, chances are that the American elite already knew that technology is not important and that's why they told us the opposite.

Growing up, I gained one skill after another, and learned one bit of knowledge after another, but it was never enough for other people to appreciate. Then when I graduated, I discovered the truth. That houses, cars, and unlimited amounts of money are given to people who couldn't even name the two most abundant elements in the earth's atmosphere. The college education system is a sham. People are being given degrees even though they learn nothing in math or science. This world isn't supposed to be like this. If I can add numbers well, I should be given just as much money as if I could play basketball well.

Lastly, if technology is not important, then what is? No matter how much we go to school, and how much we learn, people will still not care about our knowledge. One solution is to give up trying to learn anything, like our classmates did many years ago. Then we might just float up the way they did rather than being held down by complex and burdonsome concepts. But all we know is that we have to follow our gut the way Jay did.

Forces Governing The Universe:
The forces governing the universe are not the laws of physics as we have been lead to believe. Why is it that every time we learn something, and everytime we believe we will become successful, we are made to fail? The answer is simple. The universe is governed by forces which oppose every thought we have in order to try to make us fail. Why else would high paying jobs and multi-million dollar research grants be given to people who don't learn and don't think and don't have a plan on how to improve society? When we think back on how we learned things, and did very well on tests, and were congradulated for this, and then how when we were released from school we discovered that all of the knowledge we gained was somehow part of a big ruse, we know that we can never again believe the things that other Americans try to teach us. But now that we are free from American indoctination centers, and we have freed ourselves from the lies told on American T.V., there may be nothing we need to do for a while to succeed but to lie in bed the way Jay did in The Odyssey. Then we will be ready for more adventures fighting other kids, doing experiments to find out what life is about, and journeying to the adult world.

Fanfiction - After The Last Episode:
After Brad hears that a hole has been blown in the wall sepperating the adults and the children, and that the adults may threaten to attack, he rushes back to the underworld and arrives at Jay's headquarters. When Brad arrives, Jay suggests that his knowledge should be tested. One of the kids holding a piece of technology in his hand explains that this is one of the best pieces of hardware that the kids have to repel the adult invasion. Brad says, let me have a look. The kid replies, "who says I would let you see it." Brad shrugs in embarassment. The kid then explains that he has been working on this piece of technology for some time, and that he believes it is by far the best hope for saving the kids. The kid then allows Brad to examine the device. Brad, holding the device, pushes some levers and turns some knobs. One of the levers seemed a bit tough for Brad, and so he tried to force it. Brad heard some cracking noises and said worriedly, "did I just break this?" A few of the kids came over to inspect the device. There was a long silence, and then one of the kids said, "I can't fix it. That's a lot of work down the drain." Brad replies, "I'm sorry. But, the device just looked like a collection of levers and knobs, it didn't look like it could do anything. Besides, if it was so difficult to understand and if it broke so easily then maybe you didn't need it anyway." The kid said, "Maybe you have a lot to learn. I just don't know." When Jay found out what had happened, he said, "I don't care, I still like Brad."

The next day, the kids asked Brad to join them on an expedition to locate technology that might have been uncovered by recent earth movements. Brad finds a simple looking offwhite plastic box. The kid who met Brad the other day then befriends Brad. He says, "You have good intuition, Brad". Brad says, "It looks simple, and I don't know if it will do anything, but we will find out when we get back." Back at the tower lab, Brad hooks up the device to a power supply. A small LED goes on and Brad exclaims, "We have everything we need." The kid offers to help Brad, but Brad explains, "This stage is very delicate and very time consuming. I must do everything thoroughly, and you probably don't even know what kind of parts I will need." Brad explains, "I have found that almost no one where I come from has the determination to work on something like this for even a couple hours and to complete it properly." Brad further explains that "Most adults simply don't take this kind of technology seriously or act like they believe that it does anything. This will give us an undeniable advantage." Brad scavenges through the tower laboratory. He gets tape, batteries, batery holders, wire, and some other tools. Brad puts everything together, using large quantities of tape. Brad goes with Jay to the breach in the wall opening, and carefully mounts this device. Brad explains, "Now we have a motion detector. If an adult walks through this wall opening, an alarm will sound back in our tower headquarters." Brad then explains to Jay, "There is no need to worry. I will fight along your side." Brad then says, "I have also aquired some basic weapons to help our cause. You see, most adults do not have weopons and may not have the intelligence to know how to use them." Jay replies, "Thanks. One day, you can show me how to use them." Brad then says, "Its just too bad that the adults will never accept us or our ideas, or allow us to have anything."

Fanfiction - A Deep Conversation:
The Next day, Brad had a deep conversation with Jay. Brad said, "I am so sorry that I accidentally broke one of your people's devices. I admit that I was a bit too curious, and a bit too careless. But wouldn't you admit that you didn't know what that device would actually do either?" Jay explains, "Of course I didn't know what that device was for, but wouldn't you admit that it might have been able to do something?" Brad says, "I agree. But, we will never know what that device could have done. Now, we have an early warning system that will detect the approach of big people. Isn't that what we wanted, something real that would work?" Jay says, "Of course it was Brad. I don't know what else to do either." Brad says, "Let me tell you a story about where I come from. Where I come from, the world is populated by big people who don't have to care if anything makes sense. In fact, it doesn't matter how incompetant these big people are, as long as they have the majority on their side, they will be given almost unlimited amounts of money." Jay says, "unlimited, are you sure?" Brad says, "Yes, indeed. In a place called America, the amount of money that the average person is given is virtually unlimited by our standards. These people do work, and they do go to school, but they don't have to learn anything in school. But the kicker is this. It seems as if there is an invisable force that manipulates things in their favor." Jay says, "That does happen Brad." Brad says, "Of course it does. But strangely, we cannot explain why people from every other country slave to send products and natural resources to this America. We have no idea what these other peoples get in return." Jay says, "Don't they have to get something in return?" Brad says, "No. Everything looks like a big scam, a big crookery. These people talk about science in schools and on T.V., and publicly, they credit their power to science, but in real life, the vast majority of them do not even have knowledge of science. Jay says, "That's awful. I never wanted to live in a world with so many incompetant buffoons." Brad says, "We have to prevent this from happening here. We have to prevent these strange beings from taking everything away from us just because we are diferent. We have to fight them."

Fanfiction - A False Alarm:
The Early Warning Siren Sounds. Brad says, "That's our motion detection system, at the wall." Jay, Brad, and a couple other kids grab whatever weopons they can find, mostly consisting of various sizes of sticks. Afterall, they hadn't had time to organise their fighting force. This group of four, calling themselves "the interceptors", hurry down to the wall. But when they arrive, no one is there. Apparently, the motion detector was set off by sunlight. Brad made an adjustment to try to prevent some of these occurances. Jay tells Brad, "Next time, I promiss, we will be more prepared. We will have a dedicated group of fighters standing by." Brad says, "Lets just consider this to have been a drill." When Jay, Brad, and the two other kids get back to the tower, they eat a large meal. Later, Brad and Jay have another deep conversation.

Brad explains, "I got to thinking the other day about those big people and their strange society." Jay askes, "What did you come up with Brad?" Brad says, "Well, it seems that the big people usually tell the opposite of the truth, and will often refuse to discuss anything of a serious scientific nature. I think I may know why this is. Durring my stay in the adult world, I began to feel some things. I began to feel that for everything I said and everything I believed, the opposite would come true. Its almost as if the world is controlled by psychic energy that opposes a person's thoughts." Jay says, "When did you begin to feel this Brad?" Brad says, "After I got out of their school, a place that many of us here call 'The Hall Of Darkness', I was seriously mistreated for believing the things that I learned there. I number of years later, I began to feel that my thoughts were somehow being opposed by psychic forces." Jay says, "Why?" Brad says, "Looking back at school, it is as if none of it was real, as if it was all an illusion. But perhaps I only feel like this because it was so horrible there. Afterwards, I could find proof that I was taught certain things. For instance, I found proof that I was taught that this America was the land of freedom and opportunity for all. But other people denied that they were ever taught these things. I knew they were all lying." Jay says, "That's unusual Brad." Brad says, "It is unusual. But my best explanation is that most things in that other world were not real, and that their society was governed by psychic forces rather than by rational thought." Jay says, "Thanks for the information, Brad."

9-4-07, added 9-12-07
Coincidences Are Not The Same As Facts:
An American, working on a television show to be aired in the U.S. observes two people who are in love acting nice to each other. Then he writes a television show which makes the claim that acting nice to other people will make them love you. So in otherwords, people who write American T.V. shows treat coincidences the same as they treat facts, even though many coincidences are not facts at all. Just because someone sees the coincidence that two people who love each other are acting nice to each other, doesn't mean that its a fact that acting nice to someone would get them to love you.

9-5-07, added 9-12-07, modified 11-25-07
Psychic Manipulation To Counter My Every Move:
When I learn in school, they say, "knowledge is power." When I study science and technology, they start saying that people who learn science and technology will be in demand. When I begin to invest, prices go up and down on a week by week basis to counter my every move. All throughout this, other people become strange and ignorant and act like they are incapable of communicating with me. I eventuallly discover that everything is a ruse because even the war on terror was predicted before it occcured by two television shows from Canada which I was never allowed to watch very much, even though the U.S. media still falsely maintains that coincidences to the war on terror are only present in things made after September 11th. But even though I know everything is a ruse, there is nothing I can do. Finally the mental manipulators are here and their only purpose is to try to hurt me. Trapped in a mentally manipulated universe, I can only make the concessions that I will never be allowed to make a profit or to have relationships with other people. Seeing very unusual coincidences, sometimes on a day by day basis, I can only hope for the day when things are normal.

9-07-07, added 9-12-07
How Do I Know This Is A Mentally Manipulated Universe:
How do I know that the things that occur are actually a form of mental manipulation rather than merely unusual coincidences? Well, the most striking reason for this is the realization that nothing I was taught in school counts. But more, the only reason I could come up with for why nothing I was taught in school counts was because I actually learned these things. Perhaps this is a quantum universe in which everytime we learn something, it becomes untrue for us. For instance, I always thought that education would be very important. Although other people act like they think education is very important, from my quantum perspective, it looks like none of these people are actually learning anything, and educational institutions are given more money and clout even when they seem at least as likely to be erasing students knowledge as instilling people with knowledge. Yet I have seen first hand how I may live in an anti-knowledge based universe. Having knowledge makes communication with other people more difficult and often leads to a restriction of rights compared with people who do things starting with a blank slate. For instance, If you learn about electronics, you will be stuck in a country which imports its electronic products and then gives more and more money to people who do non-academic things like sing, rap, and play basketball. Academic knowledge only leads to increasingly narrow reasoning without profit or employment potential. Yet I also see how major world economic events seem to reflect the existance of a telepathic force which exists to restrict wealth and social interaction from specific people. If I can't fight this force, at least I can try to describe it. By best indications are that it works against all forms of knowledge.

6-03-07, added 9-12-07
The Show That Predicted September 11th:
Because our scientists restrict access to research data, and because our doctors restrict access to effective treatments, and because professionals restrict access to resources, we must use the unscientific method and the subconscious underworld to solve problems that seem to be unsolveable. The Odyssey is about metaphysics and politics in prime. After all, this is the show that predicted September 11th. We are all in a commonality, like people from Earth Final Conflict. Let us think together. We have the capacity to do actual research, but is this not a waste of time?

A Temporary Halt:
I have decided to stop adding things to my webpages for a while because I am not sure why I am being excluded from society. I will still be able to answer emails.

Fractal: The trouble with the unscientific method is its nonspecificity.

Jay: Whoa, they could burn down the whole camp with this stuff.
Alpha: Or burn down the tower, they're terrorists.

A Terrorist: Come on boy, what do you know about wrecking the tower?
A Terrorist: If you know some secret way into the tower or some secret weakpoint we could use, we'll get it out of you.

Finger: Do you swear to shun all mundacity, fabrication, and spindoctering so help you Brad?

Brad: I'm Brad, I'm Back!

Jay: But checkpoints aren't just for the rich, they're so kids can earn their way to the tower, I thought that was Brad's law.
a girl: Before maybe. Now the market is the law.

Jay: you scuzzy traitor!

Flash: Its not what you know its who you know that counts.


Meeting Fractal - The Unscientist:
Back in eight or ninth grade, and I believe around the same time I was watching The Odyssey, I went to another school to take some kind of test or to participate in some kind of activity. When I was at this other school, I was told that there was another kid there who was interested in science, just like I was. When I met this kid, I think we both admitted to each other that we were interested in science. Then this kid asked me about something, but I didn't understand what he was talking about. I told him that I had never heard of anything like what he had told me, in any textbooks or in any other science books I had read. When I got home, I saw The Odyssey and I was able to compare the kid I had met directly to Fractal. Indeed, the kid I had met might even have looked like Fractal. And just as Fractal had talked about strange things like the unscientific method, the kid I had met who was interested in science also talked about strange things that also originated from outside of any school textbook or any science book that I would have considered to be normal. At first, I told myself that both Fractal and this kid I met were evil. And I forgot what this kid had told me, never understanding the tinyist bit of it. But years later, I was the one proven wrong. Other Americans, potential employers, and even other kids would treat all of the scientific knowledge I had gained from textbooks as worthless. I became the failure, and I had to admit that I had been decieved. Today, I have to admit that the unscientific method is better than the scientific method and that esoteric knowledge or even no knowledge at all is considerred to be more valuable than text book knowledge. Although at first it seems like the conventional knowledge in textbooks is superior, America's researchers do not readily admit to using such reasoning and seem to be much more likely to fund projects that do not even make sense based on textbook knowledge alone. There are reasons why the scientific method supported by textbook knowledge fails. One of these reasons is that researchers hide their data, seemingly in violation of the scientific method as taught in school. Another reason is that many conventional scientific ideas may be things put in our minds by the media to help control us. And lastly, there may even be some kind of psychic force, which determines events as well as people's actions, and which opposes efforts to use the scientific method and the common sense reasoning upon which it is based. Because of all this, I myself must be a supporter of the unscientific method.

So you see, I may have actually met the real Fractal. This encounter opened my mind and would forever change what I consider to be real science. Thank you Fractal!

written 9-17-07, added 9-20-07
Why Unscience Is Better:
Durring my school years, I lost nearly all of my socioeconomic wealth and power trying to learn the things I was taught. You could say that I am like the younger Brad from The Odyssey, who lost his power when he travelled to the adult world to learn things. If learning science caused me to loose my power, then it stands to reason that unscience would allow me to reverse the process and regain my power. Although it was valid that growing up I put down other people's knowledge that was not based on science, there are many things I didn't take into account, such as whether employers would ever care about the knowledge I had gained. Unscience is a way to reverse the damage caused by science classes and by the American media. I will not be so quick to dismiss people who say things I don't understand.

What Is Really Out There?
Back in 2005 or 2006, before seeing season 3 of The Odyssey, I encountered a guy on AOL message boards who believed he had the solution to the problem of energy supply. Going onto his website, I saw that he had a plan to build giant sea based structures, that generate energy using a gravity field and a one way valve. Perplexed by the meaning of using gravity to generate energy, I realized that the design this person created was a perpetual motion device. After explaining to this person that his design was a perpetual motion device, this person admitted that he had nothing. I adopted the phrase, "I have nothing" for my own use, because really, it was science that ruined me. Today, I am dismayed by all of the people out there who claim to have scientific knowledge, but do not. Yet I think I can admit, that if it was science that ruined me, then the truth must lie beyond science. Perhaps these other people are only trying to look beyond science, or even towards things that go against science, to find the answers.

Why Science Ruins People:
I remember a kid in my high school, who was one of the students who told me I would be rich like Bill Gates for knowing about computers, who did not take any science electives like chemistry or physics. A few years after high school, he admitted online very publicly that he had gotten a computer job. And I remember another kid, who took physics with me, but who certainly did not seem to have any real ability to understand the subject. Later, I heard that he had gotten an engineering degree. Yet, he was not able to become an engineer, and had to instead become an instructor at a college, possibly part time. And later, I took a computer class at a college, and the instructor there certainly knew his material, but he was reduced to promoting the idea that people should minor in business, and he couldn't find a job other than teaching. So you see, it is science and technology education which ruins people. Americans who study these subjects are pushed aside, and immigrants are brought in on H1B visas to fill the high level positions instead. It seems that we would be better off studying the mythology of macaroni, rather than learning anything serious. But as for me, I was told that if the U.S. tried to unfairly take away my rights, I would have to fight them and try to overthrow them.


When we were growing up, we were told that finding friendship and love was just a matter of being nice to people. And, we were told that making money would come directly from learning in school. But when we became adults, we found out that we had been decieved on all accounts. There is no such thing as being nice, and academic knowledge doesn't matter. We simply did not know how to talk to people to get them to be our friends or to get them to give us a job.

Eventually we began to realize that people must be using a secret lingual code. Then in late 2005, we found a television show that mentions this code. It was named Gene Roddenberry's Earth Final Conflict. And then in late 2006, we found yet another T.V. show which mentions this practice of using coded language. This children's scifi show from Canada was named The Odyssey.

Earth Final Conflict mentions this secret verbal code in an episode called "Second Wave". The following is a transcript.

man: Greetings earthling.
Liam: Judging By your accent, I'd say crap nebula.
man: Zeti Prime
(Both laugh)
man: Gotta love the old verbal codes, bet the Taelons never cracked them.
Liam: Some of our own never cracked them. Zeti Prime, that can only mean, Moniques pregnant.
man: I'm impressed.

The Odyssey mentions this code in an episode called "Who Do You Believe?". The following is a transcript.

A Boy, nicknamed "The Fat Man": Grownups are not just big children. They are aliens. They live in a world of strange codes and half truths.

Robotic Woman: So I look at my check and the government got more than I did.
Jay(to Flash): Try saying tell me about it, but not like you want her to tell you about it, like your saying don't bother me.
Flash: Tell me about it.

Robotic Woman: So I says to the big lug, I says, why go out for a hamburger when you have steak at home?
Alpha: Why buy a cow if you can get the milk for free.

Medea: Don't give me any lip sweatheart. Pour the Java and save the blab.

Robotic Woman: Who you gonna believe?
Jay: If it wasn't for lies, we'd get no news at all.

Beyond the specific mention of this secret verbal code in these two television shows, there are additional differences in the way things were said on these shows from the way things are said on American T.V. shows. Many of these differences are rooted in grammer and inflection. It seems that using the same grammar and inflection used on American T.V. will get you put down while using a slight modification of this may allow you to be accepted. Here are some examples.

EFC - Take No Prisoners
Liam: A lot of people are going to remember her that way, As the best, kinda person.
(notice the use of "kinda" instead of "kind of")

The Odyssey - No Fair
Jay: Take your hands, off! (lack of the use of "off me")

The Odyssey - Out Of The Woods
a boy: Too Bad. (but still lets them in)

a nurse: Dr. Rapaport has done everything for Jay that really can be done at this point.
(notice the insertion of "really")

This is only a partial list of the useful modifications of grammer and inflection of these two T.V. shows from Canada. In another case, a person I know, got a new job at a machine shop. He asked another worker there whether a certain machine recycles the oil. The worker put him down and said that the machine reuses the oil. The person I know left his job in part because of this. It is interesting to note that this person was watching a science show called Mythbusters on T.V. around the same time. Chances are that this American science show was responsable for teaching this person to talk incorrectly. Again, all we can do is avoid American T.V., avoid American educational institutions, and avoid learning science.

The widespread use of this verbal code in the United States, the fact that it is not talked about on American T.V., and the devastation this has caused to our lives here is a reason why we have created our webpages. Mention of this code in these two television shows from Canada provides us with confirmation of our suspicion that a code was being used, and evidence that a code was being used. In accordance with this, we have tried to stop watching all American T.V. and deprogram ourselves of the lies we were told.

We also understand the importance of launching a cryptographic attack against the secret lingual code that is being used by Americans. But this will come later. Our only option now is to build defenses, and of course to keep watching Earth Final Conflict and The Odyssey.

A New Clue:
Reading some things online, I again noticed that it seems that no one can say things seriously. It seems that everytime other Americans say things or write things, they are either half joking or plugging some kind of agenda. But then it hit me. People who are mentally ill talk this way. In fact, many mentally ill people are incapable of saying things seriously and must be half-joking about everything. But to compound this, none of these people actually learned anything in school, so we could not expect them to have any knowledge of refined language. Although we may have to forgive their ignorance, that doesn't mean they aren't lying and trying to keep things from us. Growing up, I made the mistake of ignoring language that didn't make sense rather than trying to understand it. I understood teachers and professionals and they came across as reasonable. However, I now know that the reasonable language used by America's professionals had only one purpose. To decieve me so they could try to take away my rights. Nothing they said was real, and nothing they taught was real. The key to successful communication is to ignore American T.V. and to ignore America's professionals who both only want to lie to us so they can take away our rights. Then, when we hear other people, we must not expect to understand them at first, but eventually we may understand where they are coming from. But to ensure that we are not decieved again, we must grab onto things and hold them tightly. We can only relate to people from a position of some strength, yet we must understand that entire areas of academic reasoning are unimportant to 99.9% of the population and always will be.

The Cipher Theory:
Why is it that when we talk to other people, they almost never respond to us? The answer it seems, is that human communication may be encrypted using a rotating cipher code. In other words, communication is impossible unless a person has real time access to the bits of the cipher key. Even if a person manages to obtain some of the bits, communication will still be impossible because the cipher key is constantly rotating. No, the only way to gain access to the cipher key bits in real time is to be given them telepathically. And of course, the psychic manipulators only grant access to those they like.

written 10-30-07, modified 11-3-07, added 11-3-07
The Communications Decoding Project:
It is true that people online won't talk to me. And, it is true that I cannot understand a lot of what people say in chat rooms. In addition to this, America's professionals have often used understandable communication to try to take away my rights, in violation of the supposed constitution. But alas, understanding is not even the key to communication, and it may even detract from communication. As part of my communications decoding project, I planned to make a program that would analyse the frequency of word usage in an online chat, and what order the words are used in. I will then have to throw out everything I learned from watching American T.V., and everything I learned in school, and develop new rules for communication from scratch. Yet, everytime I hear other people talking about their new high paying jobs, and everytime I see anything on American T.V. or in an American newspaper, I am discouraged. I thought that if I isolated myself completely, I could come up with new rules of communication with an open mind. It may take many, many years, but I can come up with new rules of communication from scratch. It is worthwhile to note that the only reason why I would have to use my computer science skills to try to communicate is that society wants to punish me for having such knowledge to begin with. In America, knowledge is not power, it is lack of power.


The Foundations Of Mental Manipulation

Brad says to Jay, "It seems that the big people usually tell the opposite of the truth, and will often refuse to discuss anything of a serious scientific nature. I think I may know why this is. Durring my stay in the adult world, I began to feel some things. I began to feel that for everything I said and everything I believed, the opposite would come true. Its almost as if the world is controlled by psychic energy that opposes a person's thoughts."

Here we begin a discussion of the foundations of mental manipulation. The preceeding fan fiction excert seems to indicate that the adults have a motive for telling the opposite of the truth. They know that for everything they believe, the opposite will come true, and therefore they must decieve themselves and other people in their world into believing the opposite of what they want to be true. Following this, we have indications that as part of this system of mental manipulation, school is meant to erase people's minds of knowledge, rather than to instill people's minds with knowledge. This would be consistant with the fact that most smart people will have their advantage taken away by teachers who routeenly manipulate grades on a curve.

What is mental manipulation? Is it something perpetrated by a group of psychics? Or is it part of the programming on the computer in which our world is simulated? Or, is mental manipulation based on the way people's thoughts cause wave functions to collapse in a quantum multiverse? Or lastly, is mental manipulation a weakness of the scientific method? The answer is that mental manipulation may be all of the above, but it is more depandant upon the thoughts of the individual rather than the thoughts of the group.

Confirmation Physics Vs. Manifest Physics:
A person living in a bubble can confirm the laws of physics, but this will not help the person to get a job. Earth Final Conflict offers an alternative to confirmation physics which we shall call Manifest Physics. In Manifest physics, knowledge of the solution to a mathematical equation can cause manifestations in the physical universe. Physical manifestations of mathematical knowledge are perhaps the most important principle of the unscientific method.

Are We All Wreckers?
If we have to wreck something, why not wreck the world we live in? The Odyssey explains that we are all wreckers.

Grade Manipulation and Economic Manipulation:
Just as grades in school are manipulated to take away the advantage of top learners, investments in the economy might be manipulated to take away the advantage of the best investment theorists.

Lack of Economic Reality is The Norm:
In an episode of The Odyssey called The Brad Exchange, only three items are ever tested. We are left to wonder whether any of Medea's Brad items are real, or whether any other items on the exchange once belonged to brad. In real life, we are always left to wonder weather a company on the stock exchange is real or is some kind of front.

Academic Misinformation:
In school, we are told that everyone has inalienable rights. After school, they talk about permanently taking rights away from certain people. The only truth is that the opposite of what we believe is what will happen.

Doing Things From An Early Age:
I played with fire from an early age in the form of small, carefully controlled experiments. Other people waited, and got burned. Other people may have used drugs from an early age, while I believed anti-drug rhetoric. Other people got high paying jobs, and suspicion was cast on me.

Insurmountable Odds:
If we are all computer beings, then many people would be a million years old. How could a being who is only twenty something compete? In America, there are nine million millionaires. This may be to represent the concept that out of 300 million computer beings, 9 million of them are a million years old and have an insurmountable advantage.

If we ask someone a question and then think the answer in our minds, other people are more likely to know the correct answer. Our thoughts don't always belong to us.

Targets For Attack:
When I learned science and thought of ways to improve the world, I became a target for attack by the American justice system. When I began to oppose the U.S. and to oppose the use of science to improve the world, I found that people didn't want to attack me anymore.

Television Erasure:
Actors on American T.V. and in American movies maintain stiff, expressionless faces. In real life, people are expected to show expression. And on American T.V., they talk incessantly about Vietnam. When the invasion of Iraq begins, people don't think there will be any difficulties. Things on American T.V. are meant to erase people's minds, and make people behave in opposite ways from what is shown.

A Little Summary:
So now we see that Adults tell only the opposite of the truth, and only the opposite of what a person believes is what happens. Theoretically, these two opposites cancel out, and the missing link, which is not provided by science, is that the world is mentally manipulated. Instead of instilling people's minds with things, schools and television shows are meant to erase people's minds of the things taught or shown. Those people who do not have a tendancy to have their minds erased are caught in a sort of limbo, in which they are locked out socially and economically. Those who are caught in this Limbo have no choice but to persue frivolous persuits or to lay in bed and hope that they float up in social class like the people who didn't learn.



Our professionals claim to be responsible adults, and they claim that they only want to help us and to teach us things that will make us successful. But in fact, they are mostly liars who are more like children than adults intellectually and who are only pretending to know things.

A Fifth Grade Analogy:
One day, in 1991 or 1992, when I was in fifth grade, I went to class and found that the teacher was not there. I decided to patiently wait for a period of time, and the other students just played. After about forty five minuits, I decided to go down to the principal's office to get someone. As I walked out the door, A few other students suddenly decided to go with me. We went down to the principals office and a substitute had to be provided. When the teacher came back, she scolded most of the class for not saying anything about her absense for so long. Today, many years later, and many years after graduating, I am experiencing deja vu. Today, no one cares about anything I learned in school, and no one holds anyone accountable for not teaching, not learning, or for not following the rules. After I become an adult, the teachers permanantly left the world. Today I see that the teachers were there only to provide an illusion. And I know that I am living in a world in which everyone acts like a child because there are no real authorities to impose justice or to try to make people learn certain things.

In an episode of The Odyssey called "No Way Out", the robotic woman refuses to ask Jay any questions or to allow him into the adult world. Jay complains that the robotic woman shouldn't be allowed to change the rules. She says, "grow up, its a whole new world out there." This is what happens in the American educational system. From K through 12, American teachers and professionals pretend that people would care about our knowledge. Then, after high school, they suddenly change the rules and throw many people off the cliff. Then these supposed adults act differently and refuse to acknowledge the importance of any knowledge or to acknowledge the existance of things like freedom and democracy which they previously talked so adamantly about.

All adults really are just children. When the teachers don't teach, when the scientists don't do research, when the economy doesn't produce things, and when professionals take away people's rights and civil liberties in violation of the constitution, there are no authorities anyone can call in.

Back in 1991 or 1992, instead of me bringing the teacher back, all of the adults should have admitted they were phony balonies and freed us from their indoctrination centers or schools at which they taught us lies and pretended that they were the ones who were responsable. Now that I am an adult, it would be impossible for me to bring back anyone who is more responsible, even if I wanted to. Like Jay Ziegler from The Odyssey, or like Liam Kincaid from Earth Final Conflict, I must fight America's bullies and tyrants if I ever want to live in a land of freedom and opportunity like I was promised.

The Corrupt Justice System:
Also, back in grade school, there was a program called D.A.R.E. in which police officers came into the class room and told the students why they shouldn't use drugs. Durring D.A.R.E., a police officer explained to me and the other students that not using drugs would allow us to stay out of trouble. But after I got out of school, I was at times treated with the suspicion that I might be using drugs, even though I never used drugs. And then, I began to hear more and more stories about people who were sent to prison for long periods of time for minor offenses that had nothing to do with drug use. And at the same time, I heard more and more stories about how leniency was being given to drug offenders, and their criminal records were being expunged. So as you can see, even the people in our justice system do not know what to tell us and are much like children.

In one case, we hear of how a person can be sent to prison for 15 years or more for a minor technical offense. And in another case, we hear of how with the three strikes laws supported by Clinton, people can be sent to prison for life for committing just three suposedly minor offenses. And in another case, there was a story on 20/20, which I don't watch anymore because of its lies, about a kid who had child pornography on his computer. The police raided his house, dare I say much like the volenteers in Earth Final Conflict raid people's houses, and he was sentenced essentially to life in prison because each pornographic photo represented a separate charge which called for an additional consecutive sentence. Later though, the kid was freed and exonerated.

In other words, the police officers in D.A.R.E. class told us lies about drug offenses being very serious crimes because they knew that they would begin treating drug offenders more leniently and sending people to prison for 15 years or more for minor offenses that had nothing to do with drug use. And the police knew that they would begin restoring rights to drug offenders, and taking away rights from all other types of offenders. This deception and manipulation is a feat worthy only of the Taelons from Earth Final Conflict.

But in other cases that make chills run down your spine, people were given extreem leniency. There have been people convicted of rape, and people convicted of steeling millions of dollars who have had to serve no prison time or only a few months in prison. And that is not even to mention the light sentences given for a variety of offenses relating to drunk driving. And although Rush Limbaugh Limbhaha was caught abusing prescription drugs and doctor shopping, he was given an intervention program that will leave him without any criminal record. And in another case, Andrea Yates, after killing her five children, was given sympathy by the popular press. Even though killing five of your own children is one of the worst crimes imaginable, the popular media in America invented a new dissorder called postpardom depression in order to try to exonerate her. The popular media claimed that there was no mal-intent and they even had the nerve to claim that the method of drowing each child one by one was peaceful and relatively nonviolent. So as you can see, the people who commit the most heinous crimes are given sympathy and leniency, and the people who just want to mind their own business, oppose drug use, and do things with computers and other technologies are given the harshest treatment.

Now that we know that America may have been taken over by fascists who may have a secret agenda like the Taelons, we have begun to set up our resistance webpages. But we know that in Taelon dominated America, most civilians acted like they were brainwashed and they had no reason to accept any arguments against the Taelons. We have two options. We can resist the American tyrants, or we can go back to acting like children from The Odyssey, knowing that adults today behave as children. But if we are to resist, we have to know just how far to take this resistance. This situation was caused in part by manipulation against us, and was certainly caused by fascism, but the battle is primarily economic. Some people are given 100 times as much prison time as they deserve, and some people are given one hundredth as much prison time as they deserve. Some people are given 100 times as much money as they deserve, and some people are given one hundredth as much money as they deserve. Those close to the bottom must balance out the need to not jump the gun with the need to resist and fight back. We have our line in the sand, can they afford to cross this line, or can we?

The Sentence:
Bradford, for believing education would make you free, you have been sentenced to lifetime mental imprisonment. People throughout the world will be forbidden from talking to you or associating with you. Although you may feel that your physical body is free, the universe that you live in has been reprogrammed to prevent any communication between you and other people. It will be as if your head was chopped off, put in a box, and the box placed at the bottom of a mineshaft. But unlike Data who lost consciousness when his head was severed, you will remain conscious for hundreds of years, with nothing but the walls of the box your head is in to look at.

Real Life:
In real life, no one thinks the way we were taught people would think in school or on American T.V. In school, they told us that every American has inalienable rights. After school, American professionals tried to take away our rights. In school, they told us that people would pay for our knowledge, and that we would stay out of trouble if we tried to obey the law. After school, they told us all our knowledge was worthless, and they tried to use America's justice system to destroy us, only because we had once thought we could trust them. Today, we see that there is nothing we can understand about how people think. Even things we are told on the American news about the "war on terror" are shown to be lies when we see that these things were "predicted" by television shows from other countries. We were wrong to think that teachers knew more than children, and we now see that teachers were liars and are just as dumb as children. Since we cannot understand what people are up to, and since clearly the U.S. does not have a real legal system, we will have to defend ourselves with weopons against anyone who tries things against us.


a list of events in two foreign T.V. shows pertaining to the war on terror

 In an episode of "The Odyssey" called "Wanted" that first aired on December 21, 1992, in Canada, Jay Ziegler and his friends helped to foil a plot by a group of terrorists to burn down the tower. Two months after this episode first aired in Canada, the first World Trade Center bombing occurred in America.

Recently, I have begun to realize that the American media tells us only one side of the story, tells us almost nothing that pertains to real life, and may be heavily censored. However, there are two television shows, made in Canada, which show us a different side of the story. These two shows are The Odyssey from 1992 and Earth Final Conflict. Unfortunately, The Odyssey is no longer available for purchase. But fortunately, the best seasons of Earth Final Conflict have been released on DVD. Both of these shows depict events which may be relevant to the war on terror and today's political climate. These shows are an oasis in a barage of American T.V. shows and movies which tell us about nothing real and which are years behind the times.

The Odyssey - NO FAIR:
In one episode of The Odyssey, Jay is arrested for being different and for taking down a poster. He makes reasonable arguments which are not listened too. Would someone in America today be arrested and sentenced just for being different? You bet. And in America today, a court won't listen to reasonable arguments either because they use mandatory sentencing.

The Odyssey - BY THE BOOK:
In this episode, a girl librarian locks up books in a secret room. Jay Ziegler steels the key to the room and finds out that the librarian had been burning the books all along. Today, everything from television shows to scientific data is being copyrighted and locked away perhaps to never again be seen.

The Odyssey - WANTED:
In an episode of The Odyssey that first aired on December 21, 1992, Jay Ziegler and his friends encounter a group of freedom fighters. They discover that these kids are terrorists with a plan to burn down the tower with kerosene. Then on February 26, 1993, two months after this episode first aired in Canada, the first World Trade Center bombing occurred in America. And almost nine years later, on September 11th, 2001, it was burning jet fuel that caused both towers of the world trade center to collapse.

In this same episode, Jay is captured after he discovers the kerosene. The terrorists threaten to torture him unless he reveals what he might know about how to wreck the tower. Again, more than a decade later, Americans were accused of using torture.

In a later episode, the tower is revealed to be an actual sky scraper.

This epiosode and others mention places called checkpoints which restrict passage. Today we often hear on the news about checkpoints in Iraq.

In another episode of The Odyssey, a voice on a loudspeaker falsely warns that Jay might try to poison a reservoir. Only a decade later did the potential for such attacks become a concern in America.

Later in this episode, many of the items being traded at the Brad Exchange were shown to be forgeries. In America, companies like enron were discovered to be fake as well.

In this episode, Jay and Flash compete to become the winning tester. Although Jay is more knowledgeable, Flash is chosen as the winning tester because he is less knowledgeable and because the technology he is going to test requires someone who doesn't think as much. Today in America's educational system, students may be given a harder time and lower grades if they learn more than average.

The Odyssey - THE PLAGUE:
In the second to last episode of The Odyssey, a mysterious illness causes the kids to freeze up whenever they try to decide who they want to become world leader. Instead of voting for the candidates on the ballet, the kids just write the letter J. This episode might have some simularities to the period of indecision and the fiasco with punch card ballets in the 2000 election.

The Odyssey - TIME BOMB:
In the last episode of The Odyssey, a bomb was taken and it was thought that it might have been hidden in the tower in an attempt to blow it up. This episode dealt with the concern that weopons of mass destruction might be stolen and used to destroy things before this became such a major concern in America.

Earth Final Conflict - SANCTUARY:
In an episode of Earth Final Conflict that aired on Feburary 14, 2000, T'Than the Taelon war minister says, "If you do not now declare your intention to stand with me, then you stand against me." Then on November 6, 2001, president Bush was criticised for saying, "You're either with us or against us in the fight against terror." This simularity shows us that characters on Earth Final Conflict talk like people in real life, where as people on American T.V. shows do not talk like people in real life.

Indeed, the plot of this episode involves a concern that a virus that was once believe to be extinct would infect New York City and could spread throughout the world through the mass transit system. Years later, smallpox and the possibility for other outbreaks became a concern to Americans.

Earth Final Conflict - LIMBO:
In an episode of earth final conflict that aired on October 23rd, 2000, Zo'or uses the mothership's weopons systems to create a tsunami which devestates an island in the pacific rim. In 2004, a simular disaster occured.

Earth Final Conflict - TAKE NO PRISONERS:
In another episode of Earth Final Conflict, a large number of kamikaze suicide bombers attacks a group of former resistance members. Today, suicide bombers are a concern in the war on terror, proving that Earth Final conflict is relevant to real life.

Star Trek The Next Generation:
In contrast, American T.V. shows like Star Trek The Next Generation made false promises that we would be living in a country with freedom, democracy, and human rights where people who learn in school would be the ones to succeed. Today in America, nothing could be further from the truth. Although Star Trek TNG shares some useful expertise, this expertise is ignored by the people in charge and is completely useless to people who are not in charge. Star Trek and all other American T.V. shows are harmful to those who cannot get others to listen to them.