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Forced Institutionalism
If you look on Amazon jobs, you will see that there are no or very few computer jobs listed... Yet Amazon is one of the biggest players in the computer industry as they have large numbers of streaming servers!  The truth is that Amazon and most major companies are hiding computer jobs from the public.  This forced people who studied computers to say they are crazy and see a psychiatrist in order to collect welfare to survive.

Human Experimentation
The psychiatrists are not what they say they are!  They are not trying to help anyone, they are human experimenters!  The drugs they prescribe are mere neurotoxins which cause mental illness to facilitate the experiments!

Cures From Nature
I received a message from someone who knew the head of a major pharmaceutical company. The Message said that She (the head of the pharmaceutical company) admits that most artificial drugs are garbage and that natural cures are much better.  The truth is that very effective natural treatments exist but the doctors are obligated to prescribe patented artificial chemicals which are dangerous and often don't work.

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All Other Humans Are Just Crazy
December 10, 2023
From the perspective of other humans...  other humans think they are perfect!  Thus, other humans think that anyone who cannot be successful in society must be mentally ill and need to be "treated".  But from my perspective, I did everything I was told to do in school, and then society suddenly says, "Well we don't actually want you to have any of that knowledge."  But the interesting thing is that this society never made any jobs available to me!  In fact, they hide all of their job openings and share them only with people besides me!!!