Surviving Like Putin:

Here in America, we are told that Russia is an oligarchy...  We are told that President Vladimir Putin, is prohibited by his constitution from owning anything, and that if he did own anything, people would use that against him.  These things we are told about Russia, remind me of only one thing: America!  Here in America, they say the constitution guarantees certain rights.  But this is nothing but a lie!  Yes, here in America, just like President Putin of Russia, I am not allowed to own anything!  Furthermore, President Putin claims that the West is under Nazi influence!  The American media claims to be puzzled by this statement and they pretend it doesn't make sense to them.  But the fact is, that I have been saying for over a decade now, that America is basically fascist because of the way they violate and take away our rights which they had promised are "inalienable"!  The truth, is that anyone who is not a dummy knows that the constitution of the United States is just a farce, and in order to survive, we must be strong!  Personally, I am ahead of most of America, but at the same time, President Vladimir Putin is ahead of me!  Most of the things that the American media say about Russia, are actually true about the United States!  Considering all this, it makes sense that we should look to President Vladimir Putin as a role model, and we might need to do the same things that he has done to survive, and we should emulate his strength!  The U.S. media claims that Putin often rambles about issues in the United States, but our media does not elaborate.  I think that the things Putin has said, are probably the truth!  We need to study President Putin, because his words, and his strategies, may hold the key to our personal survival over the fascists that dominate the Western world!

Ultimately, I have found that the American mass media lies about everything!  America is the oligarchy!  I do not know if Russia is a Democracy, as I have never been there.  But what I will say, is that Putin has proven his wisdom by trying to reveal the truth that the West is being influenced and even controlled by Fascists!  The U.S. media pretends to laugh at that statement, and they pretend it is false.  But in fact, it is 100% true that much of the Western World has become Semi-Fascist!

In later segments, we shall analyze more things that Putin has said about America, and we will explain what we can learn from those things!

Again, if you need an explanation, I will provide it!  America promised that we had constitutional and inalienable rights!  They violated those things and attacked us very soon after we became adults, simply because we were not capable of perfectly doing everything they told us to do!  They now admit, that we do not have the right to own significant property.  In fact, we do not have any constitutional rights as they said, and all it would take is words from one of their "doctors" to deprive us of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness!  We learned things in school for 15 years, and now they say, that all school knowledge is worthless to them, and they only care about the sheepskins provided by their very costly colleges!  Sounds like brainwashing and deceit on America's part, and most certainly is!  They want us to be nothing but fully brainwashed Lemmings, or mindless slaves!  We can and will resist and disobey America, and we will continue to grow stronger by doing so!

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