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During middle school and high school I learned almost everything I was taught and I learned to program computers on my own.  Unfortunately, after I graduated in 1999, no one seemed interested in my knowledge and eventually many other people betrayed me and went against me!  I was lucky to have survived this betrayal, frankly.  Over the next few years, I continued watching shows like Star Trek the Next generation, and I began watching CNN and FOX news very often!  Then In 2004, I began to feel that Many things were different than I had been told, and that many people were lying.  I looked at the image of Captain Picard on a box of Star Trek cards I had in my room, and I realized that something was wrong!  I stopped watching Star Trek the Next Generation. 

Instead, in December of 2004, I began watching Gene Rodenberry's Earth Final Conflict Seasons 3-5 which I had purchased on DVD.  This show, Earth final Conflict appeared ahead of its time and went against many of the lies I had been taught all my life.  However, this show was dangerous as it advocated for a violent resistance movement.  Then, in December of 2005, I searched YouTube and rediscovered an old TV show  that I had seen as a kid but which I had not been able to watch as much as I wanted to because they stopped showing it.  This TV show was called The Odyssey (1992), and it had a character in it with the same name as me (Brad).  I also believe I was about 16 when they stopped showing it, which is the same age the character Brad was, in the second season.

Watching these two shows, Earth Final Conflict and The Odyssey (1992) over and over again, I believe I began to deprogram myself of America's lies!  The Odyssey had a very important segment where it talked about the "Thesis, Antithesis, and Synthesis".  I realized that school had taught the antithesis or opposite of the truth about real life.  I began coming up with many hypothesis and theories about society and reality!  Since this "awakening" I have continued to make progress in my theories and I am much better equipped to resist the lies and propaganda!  However, I do not watch Earth Final Conflict very often anymore because sometimes it makes me feel too euphoric and also because it sometimes advocates for violent resistance which would only get me sent to prison for life!