NLMT or Null Language Manipulation Theory, refers to the fact that most words spoken by people on television or even by people in real life, actually have no meaning whatsoever to those people, or to any other people!  The people who use these words, are simply making combinations of sounds in an attempt to activate school brainwashing and lies in order to manipulate us!  There are many rammifications of this theory.  I will list Just a few of the ramifications below:

1. Most concepts are nothing but complete lies, taught to us in school for the sole purpose of trying to manipulate us!

2. Most words which purport to represent real life concepts, actually have no meaning to any "normal person" on this planet!

3. Since words like "Democracy" have no meaning to anyone else in real life, these words represent "Null Language", or empty and meaningless combinations of sounds!

4. The fact that words like "Democracy" and "Democratic" are used inconsistently by different people or groups, provides further evidence that the concepts represented by those words are totally bogus!

5. There is only one purpose of this "null language" and that is to manipulate us!

6. Getting mad and breaking your TV Set, will no nothing to give any real meaning to any of the words used by people on television!

7. The people on television do not know of any meaning whatsoever for the words or concepts they speak!  They are merely making meaningless combinations of sounds in an attempt to manipulate and control large swaths of the population!

8. There is no real language.  Concepts and word meanings are only an illusion in our minds!

9. The purpose of other people's attempts to manipulate us, is primarily to make us act as fools, so that those other people can more easily win against us!

10. The world we live in is clearly a zero sum game!  Wealthy Employers who pay their employees  a million dollars less, will have a million dollars more in their bank accounts at the end of the week!

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