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Here at, the U.S. may be our birth country but we do have some criticisms of the way we were treated here and the things we were told here. Afterall, if we can be deprived of life, liberty, and the persuit of happiness, then we have nothing to loose by explaining why and how.

When I was growing up, I was promised that America would be the land of freedom and opportunity, and that we would all have inalienable rights that cannot be taken away. When I left school, I discovered the truth, that no one in the real world would say these things or admit that they are true. Everything I was told about how society works turned out to be false, and all of my academic knowledge was treated as totally worthless by other Americans.

Growing up, I was taught that Americans were against fascism. Now that I see Americans doing fascist things, I know that America has become fascist. Just as Nazis labled Jews and prevented them from becoming professionals, Americans now label certain people and forbid them from becoming professionals as well. And just as Nazi doctors drugged the furor himself, Our doctors today want to drug us and tell us lies. But worst of all is the way in which our criminal justice system will now imprison people for 15 years to life for even minor technical offenses.

Several months ago, I was posting my political comments and arguments on AOL message boards when I began to notice my posts mysteriously dissappearing. For a while, I wasn't sure what was happening. But then I decided, I will repost each of my posts which dissappears. When I reposted my messages, all of them dissappeared again. So I decided, I will have to repost all of my messages again and again, as fast as I can. The board filled up with posts which were all written by me. After doing this for about an hour, I logged off and discovered that my account was restricted and my password had to be reset in order to log back on. I had my password reset and then a few days later, I did the same thing, posting my messages again and again. Again my password had to be reset. After doing this a few times, I got mad and posted some things which caused AOL to permanently bar me from posting. I realized there might be a reason for all of my posts to be deleted, so I didn't try to regain my ability to post. A while later, I went outside and walked down the street shouting out my opinions on things. I shouted political arguments to people on my street on several other occasions, but no one gave me a response. So I started work on another idea, building a webpage. For a while, I was concerned about giving away too much. But when I found I could get more and more domain names, I felt I might be ready to voice my opinion.

Is This America or Czarist Russia?
Recently, a story broke in Great Britain in which Vladimir Putin was accused of staging the terrorist attacks in his own country to increase his power. But, the moment I heard this story, I knew that the things described better fit what happened in America on and after September 11th. Immidiatelly after the attacks, the approval raings of president Bush increased from arround 50% to 80%. And even though Putin was accused of hurting Russia's industrial production, it was America that soon developed its biggest trade deficit ever because it had to import its goods rather than produce them. Doesn't this sound more like Czarist Russia than America?

There is some evidence that the American Media has suppressed information relating to the politics of the war on terror. Go to JAYZIEGLER.COM

Is This America Or North Korea?
Not to long ago, I saw a story on CNN about a group of people who had been held hostage in a North Korean prison camp. When these people got out of captivity, they explained that they had been told that they would be better off than many other people after their indoctrination. They were told that they would have things and that people in the rest of the world would be starving. But when they got out, they learned that it was the North Koreans who were starving and that people in other countries were the ones who had plenty of food and other things. Although this was a story about people who had been held captive and brainwashed in North Korea, and who later managed to leave the country, this story in many ways parallels my own experiences in America. Just as the prisoners in North Korea were told that they would have more than people in other countries after their indoctrination, I was told while I was in school that I would have more than other Americans if I learned what I was told to learn. And like the prisoners from North Korea, I was told that other people would have major economic difficulties because they did not learn certain things. But when I got out of school, I, just like the North Korean prisoners, discovered that I had nothing and it was other Americans who were extreemly well off. For me, this isn't America, this is North Korea.

Dear American elite, Please tell us that the whole idea of terrorism was conceived of a decade ago and then that September 11th was staged to increase presidential approval ratings and to distract people from the stock market bubble. And please tell us that you are sorry for holding us captive and indoctrinating us with lies and false promises just like the North Koreans do to their people, and that you will give us reparations for this. And lastly, please tell us that you staged the nuclear test in North Korea to teach us a lesson. Afterall, do you really expect us to believe that a nuclear explosion would be that small?




The Old Man is gone now, but he still commands us, to Live Free Or Die.

There is one man in the U.S. who would criticise the U.S. We call him the Antiusman. Here is the story of this man.

The antiusman was born in the U.S. to parents who were U.S. citizens. He was not a minority and he looked average in every way. But in one of the earliest stories recounted to him, he was gaining weight very slowly as a baby and his mother took it upon herself to provide him with a bottle with an even smaller nipple opening rather than a larger one. He did not gain weight until his mother realized her reasoning was wrong. This set a pattern in that throughout life, that whenever antiusman needed something to grow, this thing would be further restricted to him in order to cause him pain and to stunt his growth.

Then when antiusman entered preschool, he was repeatedly scolded everytime he interacted with other children. Repeatedly he was told by his parents that if he did anything wrong they would be sued. And he was repeatedly warned against talking to other people and told by his parents that these people were crazy. Later, in kindergarten, antiusman felt that he was being bullied but the teachers always blamed him whenever he complained.

When antiusman was in grade school, he watched a lot of cartoons with cute fuzzy characters who always acted like they wanted to be friends with each other. Antiusman saw a propaganda comercial about how kids were supposed to be nice to other kids and not put them down. Antiusman felt guilty that he might have made fun of some of the other kids. But when antiusman tried to be nice to the other kids instead, none of them wanted to be his friend anymore.

In 1994, antiusman met a couple of kids who wanted to be his friend and do computer things with him. But by 1995, these friends said they wanted nothing more to do with him because computers weren't enough. Ironically, at the same time, U.S. computer stocks began going up exponentially and the media began telling antiusman that people who learn technology would get high paying jobs. Antiusman was told by people on American T.V. that it didn't matter if he was a geek or a nerd because he would soon be rich for knowing a lot about computers.

But when antiusman was finally released from school, no one cared about his knowledge, and no one wanted to talk to him.

Today, antiusman knows he was betrayed because America is not just importing most of its technology from other countries, it is also importing most of its high tech workers from other countries.

Antiusman thinks that one of three things might happen to him in the future. Antiusman could die, antiusman could be tortured in ways that he never expected possible by the most brutal Americans, or other people could realize that antiusman was mistreated and they could find ways to treat him better.

Epilogue to My Life:
All my life I study science. I dream of engineering, and of computer programs, and of success based on the idea of industry. Yet strangely, I am isolated from other people. When I am released from school, I find out that none of my knowledge is apparently worth anything to other people. After years of being mostly alone, I find two T.V. shows that by predicting major world events before they occured, prove, without a doubt, that nothing I was told was real. Around this same time, I begin to see that the world I am in is somehow manipulated to prevent me from making money everytime I try and to prevent other people from talking to me or understanding me. This would seem to be the epilogue to my life. I now know that nothing is real, and I am prevented from talking to other people. I must relish the thought that I am alone, in a virtual universe, with no way to truely be productive. For the next 50 years, I will have to live out my life, mostly alone, knowing that nothing I ever read about and nothing I was ever told was real.

My webpages are an attempt to contact intelligent life in a simulated universe in which it probably does not exist. Although I should be happy with the concepts I was able to find, I should know that the universe is now manipulated to ensure that either nothing I can think of will mean anything to other people or nothing I can think of will get a response from other people. However, I also know from experience that no response that people give me is meaningful. When I was in school, teachers and professionals acted like they could respond to me. But eventually, they did the opposite of what they said they would do and began to try to hurt me for acting like I understood what they were talking about. Clearly, my captor, the universe, acting with the help of the U.S., wanted me to think that there can be no such thing as fruitful communication in real life.

Our Current Era
In 1951, a coin with the phrase "Freedom And Opportunity For All" was produced. Subsequently, in the 1960s, blacks regained their civil rights. But we were taught the phrase "Freedom And Opportunity For All" in school, indicating that the era of "Freedom And Opportunity For All" is over, because schools only teach things that are rapidly becoming obsolete. Today, we live in the "Live Free Or Die" era. Recently, laws were passed sentencing people to 15 years to life in prison for relatively minor offenses. "Live Free Or Die" will be put to the test, for anyone who is accused of a crime.



A webpage against the destruction of freedom and civil liberties in America.

"As the Americans learned so painfully in Earth's final century, free flow of information is the only safeguard against tyranny." from Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri, release date January 31, 1999.

We will never again trust the U.S. or anything they say!

America The Evil Nation:
Why do Americans steal opportunities and rights and even money from smart people and give these things to mentally retarded people and dumb people? Why do they want dumb people to succeed only at the expense of smart people? The answer is that those who run America are evil. The retards in America bask in glory and privilage while the smart people can do little but prepare to be attacked by the gestapo who run society. Strength can only come from recognising that the American media are liars, and from avoiding the American media and making plans to fight the Nazis who rule the land.

The Reason Why I Hate America:
The reason why I hate America is that all my life other Americans kept promissing me things, and then taking away my rights, promissing me things, and then taking away my rights. Now I hate America and everything it stands for. It is the doctors who hoard their money and refuse to let anyone else have any, and the teachers, professors, and administrators who lied about everything who are to blame.

Opportunities To Prove Knowledge:
Throughout my 15 years of schooling, I was given many opportunities to prove my knowledge. And on many occasions, I did. But after school, I was told that I was a retard. Suddenly, society acted like all of the academic knowledge I gained was worthless. All of the opportunities I was given to prove my knowledge were turned around completely, to make it look like I have no knowledge.

Comments on Jay-Z
Jay-Z is one of America's richest performers. His name is also simular to Jay Ziegler, and that's why I looked him up. Here's the lowdown. Only an American can write an album in two days without using pen and paper, and then go on and make hundreds of millions. I know that I couldn't write an album in two days and go on and make hundreds of millions, so that means I'm not an American. Either a person is an American or not, it doesn't even matter if they are born in America. Only an American can write an album in two days, and go on to make hundreds of millions. Only an American can get paid millions or tens of millions to play professional basketball and football. As for me, I'm more like an average Russian, or a significantly above average Chinese person, not in lifestyle, but in how much I have to my name. Just as the Chinese now manufacture nearly all of America's consumer electronics, and who knows why they do this favor for the U.S., I learned science and technology in school, only to find out they were worthless to Americans. Of course, I wouldn't work for the U.S. making their technology products for pay that is many times lower than the pay of the average American who acts like they had their mind erased in school. And the fact that I couldn't write an album in two days and make hundreds of millions means simply, that I am not an American. I style myself to be a revolutionary. Take over, and redefine what it means to be American.

What Is Freedom?
Americans are so boisterous about their guarantees of freedom and democracy, that they teach every high school student, that if the government takes away their rights that they have the right to fight back and overthrow the government. And Americans are so confident, that they bring Jews over from Israel, to give lessons in class, to bolster their case that America is against fascism. And Americans teach that every man has inalienable rights, and that there is a social contract that prevents other Americans from ever violating these rights. But this social contract is actually a contract on the life of everyone who believes it. Because when a person leaves high school, they find out that none of it was true. Americans are the world's fascists. The contract of freedom and opportunity for all has been broken, by America's lies. Instead, a new contract has been written, which says that America's millionaires will grow richer and richer compared to everyone else.

Like a Japanese Person Living In America:
What is it like to be a smart person living in America? Like a Japanese person durring World War Two who wakes up and discovers that he is in America, a smart person will wake up and discover that he is surrounded by ignorant foes who are ten times as rich as they are supposed to be. Three to five percent of America's population is a millionaire. Nearly anyone who plays professional basketball or football may be a millionaire, while those who are good at science would get nothing. What would this Japanese person do? In ten years time, nearly twenty percent of the population will become millionaires, and he will not have a dime more and will be prevented from doing anything. And just as Japanese citizens were interred durring world war two, the smart person will see that many Americans are sent to prison for life for doing little or nothing wrong. To be a smart person in America, is to be a Japanese person who finds himself on U.S. soil durring world war two. The enemy, America's millionaires and professionals can clearly be seen to exist. But what is this Japanese person or smart person to do? He may want to join other Americans, but he will never be accepted by them, never.

What Is Happenning In The U.S?
Americans seem to come up with an unlimited number of complaints as to why filthy rich is just not rich enough. Some people claim that Americans have trouble paying mortgages, or paying for health care. But we know that high health care costs boost the economy, and Americans will forgive the medical bills of people they like. And we also know that American's mortgages are now being covered by the Chinese and Japanese. If homeowners default, it is the foreigners who will cover the bill. And although people worry about crime, America's streets are more peaceful than ever. Of the only other two things, terrorism appears to be a big charade, and the war in Iraq is much smaller relative to the size of the economy than almost every other war we know of. Even the trade deficit may be inconsequential because America's paper wealth is growing at an exponential pace, and they only have to part with a tiny percentage of this. As for other countries, their wealth is also growing and they might not even care if America pays them back. The major question is the distribution of wealth. We can answer this question by explaining that everything we were taught in school was a bold faced lie. Wealth is growing exponentially, and knowledge is decreasing in value. All my life, they told me that people who learned in school would be the ones to make money, and everyone else would be poor. But all we know now is, that the U.S. will grow richer and richer, and it is the less intelligent people who will make a killing.

A New Proposal For Humanitarianism:
I propose that suicide tabets be offered to anyone sentenced to life in prison, after they serve 10 years. This would solve the humanitarian issues of imprisoning people. To prevent any discrepancies, maximum sentences for crimes that do not call for life imprisonment would have to be reduced to 10 years.

The Theory Of The Hidden Fuhrer:
Observing how almost no one in America seems to have real financial difficulties, and how almost all of people's supposed financial difficulties are fake, I have come up with the theory of the hidden fuhrer. Although people in America may get medical bills they cannot afford, these bills are actually forgiven after a period of time. And when people get divorces, it seems that the wages of each spouce are adjusted to make sure that each has as much as they need to make their house payments, and to support their family. So in other words, there is a fuhrer guy, much like Adolf Hitler, hidding behind the curtains somewhere and making decisions as to how much each person will get paid. And further, this hidden fuhrer behaves as both a fascist and a communist. He behaves as a fascist when he gives people medical bills they cannot afford, and he behaves as a communist when he forgives these bills and when he adjusts people's wages to make sure that they always have enough to make their house payments and support their family. So this hidden fuhrer's credo is, first we make it look like people have financial difficulties, then we give out wages according to each person's need. As for me, I wouldn't know how to get this hidden fuhrer to give me more money. However, there is much information about the original fuhrer's supposed beliefs online, and I may just have to try to impress this hidden fuhrer somehow.

Why Every American Will Soon Need A Cilice:
The timing for revealing to the world the usage and existance of the cilice could not have been better. U.S. media lies, omisions, innaccuracies, narciscism, and insults towards us and everything we hold dear seem to have reached an all time high. A while ago, the U.S. media hyped the fact that an upcoming Star Wars movie featured the phrase "with us or against us". Yet, they convieniently left out any mention of the fact that Earth Final Conflict used this phrase even before September 11th. And years ago, the U.S. media told us that people who learn technology would make big bucks. But recently, the U.S. media began to tell us stories of how taxpayers may spend up to $200,000 per year to educate a mentally retarded child, even while America's professionals may take away people's rights and try to kill them just to prevent them from having a few tens of thousands of dollars. And, this is not even to mention the financial manipulation against people who learned things in school. Certainly, I am at the point at which I would need a Cilice just to resist these people, and many other Americans may be feeling sympathy pains and may soon be at the point where they will need a cilice as well.

A Secret Agenda?
A while ago, the American media hyped the fact that an upcoming Star Wars movie featured the phrase "with us or against us". And in 2006, the American media hyped the fact the an upcoming episode of the Simpsons would feature takeoffs from the war on terror. But when I heard this, I was puzzled. Because Earth Final Conflict contained these same simularities to the war on terror, and it was made even before the September 11th attacks. So clearly, it looks like there is a secret agenda at work here. Why would they cover up simularities in shows that were made before September 11th and hype simularities in shows made afterwords?

Update On The News:
Since the media only talks about things which are untrue, reversed, or of little economic importance, and since the media only talks about things people no longer care about, we can surmise that no one cares any more about the war in Iraq, or about fighting terrorism. After all, if Americans do not want to watch the shows that predicted September 11th and the war on terror, then we can assume that terrorism is no longer an issue for them. Most likely, Americans strengthened their defenses against terrorists just prior to September 11th, and then staged the whole thing so they would have something to lie about for many years to come. It is true that some Americans would watch The Odyssey, but only once through. Then they might act like they've had enough. And mention of terrorism in the context of burning down "The Tower" has no meaning to them, because they interpret everything they see on T.V. as being the opposite of the truth. I have seen people literally run out of the room and sometimes leave the house and never come back after just a few minuits of Earth Final Conflict. Clearly, these people have a sixth sense which tells them to avoid anything that might be telling the unreversed truth. The U.S. media by contrast tells only the reversed truth, and people refuse to watch or to recognise anything but the reversed truth. Therefore, if the media says that terrorism is an issue, then to decipher the truth we must take the reverse, and then we will see that terrorism is no longer an issue to other Americans. Their lack of reaction to mention of terrorism in The Odyssey proves this. We can also surmise that winning the war in Iraq is no longer an issue to Americans, because they don't care about any information contained within The Odyssey and Earth Final Conflict which might help them. But now that I know that everything on American T.V. and for that matter most of the things other Americans say is the complete opposite of the truth, I can only avoid these things and disreguard them if I happen to see them or hear them. I can only thank President Bush, and the creators and actors of Earth Final Conflict and The Odyssey for tipping me off to the fact that Americans were telling the complete opposite of the truth at all times.

The Economic Infinity:
When I was growing up, I scored in the 99th percentile on many standardized tests, I learned to program my computer in assembly language, and I scored the best ever for my school on an interschoolastic physics exam. I was told that America was the land of freedom and opportunity for all, and that someday I would be rich like Bill Gates for knowing so much about computers. Granted that if America is now a fascist state, there would not be freedom and opportunity for all. But whats even more disturbing are the ways in which I am actually being excluded from the economic system and discredited simply for knowing so much about science, computers, and technology. Instead of me being a millionaire for knowing technology, pretty soon, every other American who didn't take a science or math class will be a millionaire and I will be a pauper.

An Economic Entity:
One theory we put forth is that through the pricipal of emergent intelligence, an economic entity will form. We might call this being "high finance", or simply "money". However, this being actually is wealth, and will rule the entire earth by controlling the virtual plain on which all financial activities take place. Those who are not endeared to "money" will be forced to sit in a small room waiting for the hell of nothing in the economy being real or controllable to end. Eventually this entity's power will collapse. But When?

The Tornado Theory Of Money:
Another theory is the tornado theory of money. In this theory, America's economy spins faster and faster because it is based on paper money which is lighter and lighter. The money spins around and around so fast that a tornado is created. This tornado, by its very strength, sucks in wealth and manufactured goods from every other country in the world. Unlike in a traditional economy where money is exchanged for goods, in the tornado economy, goods are just sucked in for free as long as the tornado is powerful enough. In order for this tornado economy to be perpetuated, dollars must be kept light, meaning that people must buy many luxury items and pay much more for things that they are worth. Paying more for things than they are worth also has the added effect of adding energy and speed to the tornado.

The Stock Market Infinity:
Another theory we put forth is the theory of the stock market infinity. In this scenario, the vast majority of Americans buy stocks and refuse to sell them. When the supply goes down to zero, the ratio of demand to supply becomes infinite. As long as every shareholder refuses to sell, the price of each share will go up to one million dollars. The vast majority of Americans would then become millionaires, but they would not see this money directly in the form of cash. Everyone else would then be considerred inferior because they would have to pay cash for things rather than getting things through corporate channels.

Mind Control:
Another theory is the theory of mind control. In this theory, investments and movements of money within the economic system are controlled telepathically. Although this would make sense, it doesn't account for the personal perspective. If for every thought we have the world changes to oppose us, and if things seem manipulated specifically to allow other people to make money and to prevent us from making money, then the world is not just manipulated telepathically. The world is fake and the computer that runs it is programmed to manipulate things against us for every thought we think.

Hope Leads To Despair:
If nothing we were taught in school or in college is valuable, and if almost everything we were told on American T.V. was the opposite of the truth, then there is no way to understand the economic system. If science was real, then it would have economic value. But since science has no economic value, then science is not real and things like mind control are certainly possible. So if we are living in a nonscientific virtual mind control universe, then those who cannot make money are in a form of virtual prison. Perhaps it is our own hopes to make money and to succeed that made the universe prevent us from making money and then gave others money for not trying. All we can do is expect that the worst for us will happen.

Lack Of Response At All Websites:
At this point, I have had many of my webpages up for two months. Unfortunately, I have not gotten a single email on any of my webpages and there is no evidence that anyone has even visited any of my webpages. Even though I put links to my webpages on my newest AOL posts, I don't believe that anyone has followed these links. It might be reasonable to assume that no one cared to read my posts either.

Clearly, I missed the mark. Although my domain names are short and are related to some of the most important political issues, no one has visited them. I have three explanations for this. One, I have again misinterpreted the news media to think that it talks about things which are important to people rather than things which are unimportant to people. Two, other Americans do not think about polotics or know how to visit webpages. And lastly, three, other Americans limit themselves to going back and forth between a few popular websites but do not look for any additional information.

The last time I missed the mark, in sixth grade, it was because I erroniously thought that I would continue to do well just because I was learning things. This time, I don't know why I missed the mark, but clearly concept does not agree with reality. If I severely curtail my efforts to make these webpages, I can prevent a repeat of what happened in high school. The more effort I put into these webpages, the more I may become differentiated from other people online.

As a result of this strange and inexplicable communications barrier, I must assume that other humans are incapable of communicating with me and I am trapped in some kind of bubble or prison, or that I am somehow out of phase with this universe. Remember, teachers, doctors, and other professionals acted like they understood me growing up but all they did was teach me lies and try to take away my rights. Perhaps it is a godsend that no one today acts this way. Afterall, I will not allow it.

When I saw that most likely no one was visiting my webpages, I knew that I would have to reduce the effort I am putting into them. If thousands of words don't have any influence on people, then tens of thousands of words won't either.

Why My Webpages Are Different:
The more effort I put into these webpages, the more I may become differentiated from other people online in my political reasoning. I know that people who are different are ignored and treated badly. I may question whether I can truly prevent this differentiation. But, by reducing the effort I put into these webpages, I can prevent this differentiation to some degree.

However, I already think very differently from other people. I don't understand why other people pay more for things when they can get them for less. And I don't understand why people are more attracted to lies and things that don't make sense than to things that are factually accurate and do make sense. When I see other people out there who have political webpages, it looks to me like everything they're saying is a lie, and this abundance of lies only gets them more and more supporters. One of my alternative ideas is to make yet another webpage on which I will tell only lies. Then I will not link that webpage to any other webpages and I will see if I get any responses.


Welcome to my New Home Page