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An Alien Invasion?

Coming Soon: My critique of "Phillip Krapf, Contact Has Begun"

Many years ago, before I was aware that human society was lying about almost everything, I went to the local library, picked up a book and started reading it.  It was claimed that the book was written by a journalist, who had been chosen to be an ambassador for the Aliens and to teach humanity about them.  Supposedly, the aliens are benevolent, but one of their plans in particular sounded a bit more like an invasion than something to truly help humanity.  In the book, it was said that, In order to eliminate crime, 20% of the human population would be permanently excluded from society and forced to live apart.  Furthermore, it was explained that the exclusion of this 20% of the population would be imposed using the aliens insurmountable psychic powers!

Fast forward to the present, and I have noticed that although the media claims there is a labor shortage in America, they make no mention of the tens of millions of people who are prohibited from working or being part of society!  In fact if you look at the labor force participation rate, it is very roughly about 20% lower than it was in the past, before the aliens might havfe arrived!  But that is not all.  I feel that I am one of those people who is being excluded from society, and I have noticed certain "strange psychic manipulations" against me and my efforts to be part of society!  Could it be, that this book I picked up decades ago, reveals what is really happening to some degree?

In addition to all of this, I have also hypothesized that humanity is being brainwashed and telepathically controlled by alien devices that produce telepathic energy fields.  This was not mentioned in the book to my recollection, but, it is one explanation for what is happening!

Well, at first, I didn't think I would be able to locate the book even though I remembered the name of the aliens, the "verdants".  But thanks to the existence of online book stores that have a synopses of the books, I was able to identify the title of book in less than 20 minutes.  So I then bought all three books in the series plus the audio cassettes.  I am a shopaholic I know.

I guess I plan to read all 3 books and critique them.  I may receive some of the books as early as later today.