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In an episode of Earth Final Conflict called "Sanctuary" that aired on Feburary 14, 2000, T'Than the Taelon war minister says, "If you do not now declare your intention to stand with me, then you stand against me." Then on September 13, 2001, Hillary Clinton said, "Every nation has to either be with us, or against us." And on November 6, 2001, president Bush was criticised for saying, "You're either with us or against us in the fight against terror." Today, we can be sure that both of these individuals are part of our commonality.

In Earth Final Conflict, professionals are constantly violating people's rights and lying about it to serve the Taelon agenda. And in America today, professionals will lie to us and try to take away our rights. In Earth Final Conflict, the Taelons restrict access to their technology and to their research. And in America today, NOAA restricts access to its long term data on weather and temperatures. In Earth Final Conflict, many people talk about fighting terrorism. And in America today, the news media tells us that our government is trying to fight terrorism as well. Around the same time that I got the Earth Final Conflict DVDs, I had a dream in which I went to the resistance's underground bunker, and there Liam and Renee said to me, "Welcome to our world."

Many years ago, when I was still watching Star Trek The Next Generation, I said to myself, if there is anyone I would want to be, it would be Johnathan Doors. This is because it looked to me like Johnathan Doors was an important leader, just like Captain Picard. However, I now know that Captain Picard was not as great as I had thought, and he was telling us the same lies as the rest of America. Now I must set up my resistance websites in protest of the lies told on American shows like Star Trek The Next Generation and in American educational institutions.

Episodes of Earth Final Conflict made in 1999 and 2000 appear to have predicted events such as the war on terror, the crackdown on civil liberties, the 2004 East Asian Tsunami, concerns about the use of torture, concerns about weopons of mass destruction, and the use of key political catch phrases like "Hearts and Minds". Perhaps this is why shows like Earth Final Conflict are no longer shown on American T.V.

A New Look At Earth Final Conflict
When I was growing up, I saw nearly all the episodes of earth final conflict on T.V. I enjoyed the first two seasons at the time because they were very simular to Star Trek The Next Generation. But when Johnathan Doors and most of the the resistance were defeated, I was very dissappointed. I continued watching the remaining seasons until the show went off the air, but I didn't understand many of the things in the third through fifth seasons although I knew they were more advanced in their technology and in their political reasoning. Years passed after the show went off the air, and one day in December of 2005, I looked online to see if I could find DVD box sets for various Star Trek series. I looked up other scifi shows that I had liked as well. I was surprised to find that Earth Final conflict DVDs were only one third the price of Star Trek The Next Generation DVDs. For the price of one season of Star Trek TNG, I could buy all three seasons of Earth Final Conflict which were available. I bought the Earth Final Conflict DVDs instead.

When I watched Earth Final Conflict starting with the first episode of the third season, I was immidiately impressed with the quality of the video and sound. I didn't at all feel like I had missed anything because I had remembered the backround from the first two seasons well enough. In many ways, Earth Final conflict was like a whole new show after the end of the second season when Johnathan Doors' bid for president was defeated.

I was very impressed with the third and fourth seasons. The main character, Liam Kincaid, didn't just order people around the way captain Picard used to do. And the actor who played Liam Kincaid was much better than expected. Instead of acting serious all of the time, Robert Leeshock actually smiled and acted intelligently, like a real person.

Present Day Relevance
And as I watched the show, I increasingly noticed that there were simularities to real life. For instance, various concerns about terrorism that were voiced in the media after September 11th were explained years earlier by the show. And there was even an episode in which a tsunami devastated an Island in the Pacific Rim killing tens of thousands, which incidentally was an event that actually happened just one year before I got the earth Final conflict DVDs.

But the relevance of Earth Final conflict didn't end there. Many times I would try to argue my point to people the way I had seen Captain Picard do, but I didn't understand why no one would listen to me. But in Earth Final Conflict, it was clearly shown that even the American people would almost never listen to any arguments against the Taelons.

And there were other simularities between Earth Final Conflict and real life which were different from things shown on Star Trek. In Star Trek, justice was reasonable and fair. But in Earth Final Conflict justice was swift, harsh, and extreem, just like in America today. And on Star Trek, there was always a concern for human rights. But in Earth Final Conflict people had little concern for human rights, especially with the Taelons in charge. Indeed, life in America is very simular to what is shown on earth final conflict, but it is different from things shown on Star Trek.

Against American Lies
The main theme of Earth Final Conflict is that we are constantly being lied to by the media and by our professionals. It is difficult to understand why we are being lied to by educators, by researchers, by doctors, and by people we know. However, these people may have a secret agenda, or they may be following the orders of unseen tyrants. It is also possible that these people are too niave to care about whether they lie. That said, these people will accept none of our textbook knowledge or our Star Trek arguments.

Even after going back and watching seasons 1 and 2 of Earth Final Conflict, I still believe that seasons 3 and 4 are the best, and that some episodes in season 5 might be useful. Although seasons 1 and 2 begin to go against American lies and lay an important foundation, it is seasons 3 and 4 which represent a complete break from Star Trek The Next Generation and all of the lies we were told on American T.V. and in American schools that people would care about knowledge, democracy, human rights, and civil liberties.

One Of A Pair
Earth Final Conflict is very simular to another show made in Canada called The Odyssey. Not only do some of the same actors play in both The Odyssey and Earth Final Conflict, but, what Liam Kincade does is very simular to what Jay Ziegler does. Also, both shows feature elements of Hegelian philosophy and a phantom-like father figure who is named Brad in the Odyssey and Hegel in Earth Final Conflict. In addition, Both shows have a last season which is considerably darker than the previous seasons. Both shows also have characters who may at times switch sides and are in many cases neither good nor evil. But most importantly, both shows feature characters who must fight tyranny themselves rather than simply order others to fight for them.

Where as American T.V. shows constantly tell us that all we ever need to do to be successful is to learn things, both Earth Final Conflict and The Odyssey show us why learning doesn't help. These shows also tell us that we will not always be developing and producing our own technology the way the United Federation of Planets did. Instead, America today imports most of its technology products. Life on earth is not at all like life on a star ship.

5-31-07, modified 6-11-07 and 11-11-07
Foundations Of Our Resistance Movement:
The key to a successful resistance movement is extreem vigilance. American T.V. and educational institutions will tell you only about things which are no longer important to society. But worse, high paid American professionals do not have the knowledge or desire to help you. In fact, their only goal is to try to interject themselves into your life, where they can try to steel your social power, get you in trouble by telling other people to turn you in, and prescribe drugs that will get you addicted and which will destroy your mind and body. Extreem vigilance means that we must get all professionals out of our lives, and ensure that they do not find a way to weasel their way back in. But in addition to rejecting professionals, we must avoid places with large numbers of security guards, like crouded areanas. The guards at these places have a natural tendancy to violate civil liberties and to otherwise do unreasonable searches for 'dangerous' weopons like cameras. But what really counts, is that we must turn our homes into fortresses. This is not just to prevent the Nazi Gestapo from pulling us out of our houses and taking us to concentration camps after a national disaster like a nuclear attack, it is also to prevent America's professionals from gaining entry into our lives and decieving us or the people around us and turning us into scapegoats of America's now fascist justice system. The cornerstone of this defense plan is an early warning system consisting of motion detectors. Those under attack must prepare for every possibility. But most importantly, we know who the enemy is, America's professionals, and we must remain hyper vigilant to ensure that they do not enter into our lives. Another interesting note, is that the commonality will prevent people from attacking us if we are prepared to defend ourselves.

Awareness Of The Commonality:
After I had gone back and watched seasons 1 and 2 of Earth Final Conflict, I had felt blocked up or restricted mentally. But when I recently watched just one and a half episodes of season 3, I felt radically different, like I was part of the commonality. And inconjuction with what I had seen in The Odyssey, and knowing that even American professionals are incapable of responding to me rationally without telling me lies, I felt I could understand that nothing in the physical universe was real. When I thought about how I was told only about the science and economics of one hundred years ago, and how none of my classmates learned these things but still might have become enormously wealthy, and how after school, people did the opposite of everything I was taught they would do, I knew that I was not living in a world that was anything remotely close the the world I was taught about.

Disappearing Health Items:
I don't know if this is appropriate for an Earth Final Conflict Fan Page, however, I have recently noticed that various consumable items with healing properties are no longer availiable in stores. Have these items been discontinued, or have the stores decided not to sell them anymore?

I dedicate the following article to the resistance. May the fight against U.S. tyranny succeed.
The Nature Of Combat:
Star Trek The Next Generation portrayed combat as being largely non-lethal. Oftentimes, the bad guys were simply stunned with phasors. If a crew member needed to fight someone, they did not need an actual weopon. They could make a stun weopon out of almost anything, or they could pick up objects like vases and knock people out with them. An on top of that, none of the main crewmembers died due to hostile activity after season one. But in real life, a person can not afford to fight with a sublethal weopon. If a person does this in real life, even if they don't really injure the person they attack, they will be sentenced and condemned as a criminal and suspect for life. No, in real life, a person can only afford to fight with a weopon that is positively lethal. Because of three strikes laws and mandatory sentencing, one who kills may often be given no harsher of a sentence than one who doesn't kill. And one who does kill, and kill often, may be given sympathy by the press the way Andrea Yates was given sympathy. Unlike as we were lead to believe in school and on American T.V., we have no power and no rights no matter how much we learned. An American elite or professional, much like a Taelon, can detain us without cause or violate our civil liberties, in violation of what we were taught about the Bill Of Rights. And just as a Taelon can instantly kill anyone they suspect of treason, a police officer can instantly kill anyone they suspect of posing a lethal threat. Why did the people on Star Trek The Next Generation start acting like they would be compassionate and fair? Because they knew that the age of compassion and fairness was over.

What Kind Of Danger Is There?
First of all, let us discuss whether the term "anti-us" means anything. The best argument we can make is that all of the mention in the media of things that might be "anti-us" has erased people's minds of the concept entirely. Second, what kind of danger are we in for doing this? I ask you, would they send a millionaire into a ghetto to arrest a petty thug? Of course not. And neither would they send a police officer making 55 to 65 thousand dollars per year to arrest people like us. One of the biggest threats comes from our professionals, like doctors and educators, who get paid more and more for telling us lies and for trying to take away our rights. I leave you with a bit of wisdom. He who tries to avoid breaking the law will himself be accused.

The Commonality And The Law:
After watching seasons 3 and 4 of Earth Final Conflict from start to finish, along with parts of season 5, I understood in early 2006 that I had become a member of the commonality. I was thinking, with the help of this commonality, and the subject of playing with fire came to mind. I gained the knowledge from this commonality, that since I played with fire early on in the form of small experiments, even though I felt it was wrong, that I was spared many burns and I was spared being forced to see my classmates gain mastery over fire instead of me. Instead, one of my classmates had even been burned while playing with fire. But I have not always been so lucky or so knowledgeable. From an early age, I had no thoughts of using drugs or alchohol, but later, I was lied too, abused, and accused by society for no good reason, even while other people may have used drugs and not gotten caught or been let off the hook with a slap on the wrist. So it would seem that the key to success in the commonality is to do things from an early age that you are told are wrong. As long as you do these things before other people, you will not have to be persecuted for not doing them and you won't have to watch as they succeed, in part for doing them.


Loss Of Time Syncronization:
For as far back as I can remember, my local T.V. guide station displayed the exact time in minuits and seconds. Then about a year or two ago, I noticed that this time base was on occasion off by roughly 10 seconds. And several months ago, the time display was changed, and it now it no longer displays seconds. Even though my VCR is self-setting, the time is not that accurate. And, the time syncronisation utility in windows is apparently defective. If I want an accurate time base that I can use to set my watches, I will have to either get a third party time syncronisation utility or make one myself, and I will have to purchase an "atomic clock".

Captain Picard, Meet Earth Final Conflict:
Growing up, I often watched Star Trek and Star Trek The Next Generation. In fact, I watched Star Trek The Next Generation more than any other show, and Captain Picard was my favorite character. I also watched network news on stations like ABC rather than cable news perhaps because the stories were represented in ways that were consistant with what I was taught in school. After failing in college, I eventually learned that Patrick Stewart has the same birthday as me. Also after school, I began watching cable news rather than network news, and I began to realize that everything I had been taught was a lie. Then in late 2005, I bought a number of unopened boxes of Star Trek Cards. Seeing the image of Captain Picard staring at me on one of the boxes, I realized that something was wrong. Captain Picard was not as good as I had thought, and I might never be able to look up to Star Trek The Next Generation reasoning again. Then, about two months later, I looked online for DVD box sets of Star Trek The Next Generation. I found that Star Trek The Next Generation DVDs cost about $50 to $60 per season. Looking up other shows, I found that Earth Final Conflict DVDs cost just $15 to $20 per season. When I bought the Earth Final Conflict DVDs, I entered a whole new world. I saw how Earth Final Conflict contradicted nearly all of the lies told in Star Trek The Next Generation, and it provided ideas which were many times as useful as and much more correct than the ideas in Star Trek The Next Generation and in other programming on American T.V. I began to hypothesize that if Captain Picard had entered the world of Earth Final Conflict, or the world of present day earth, he would be put to shame, he would not know how to cope with the fact that democracy and human rights were mostly a lie, and he would not even be able to fight effectively using Star Trek tactics.

The Story:
Captain Picard beams down to Earth after a long, hard, journey. He says to the transporter room opperator, "Get me an ensign, to escort me to quarters." The transporter room opperator says, "I think your position has been eliminated Captain Picard. You can find a tourist location and a bus stop just down the street." Captain Picard begins to say, "But what does that mean?" when the transporter room opperator says over the loudspeaker, "Everyone must leave the room, we are closing down and there will be security sweep in just a few minuits." Dismayed, Captain Picard, leaves the building. While walking down the street, Captain Picard thinks to himself, "I need a new job." Suddenly, he sees a sign which reads, "Google employment office." Picard enters the building, and a man askes him, "Are you here to apply for a position?" Picard says , "Yes", and the man begins to interview him. The man asks, "What is your educational backround?" Captain Picard says, "I graduated from Star Fleet Acadamey, and afterwords I used my skills to deal with a variety of menaces." The man says, "I understand that Star Fleet Academy is not too serious. To work for us you need a four year degree from an acredited Taelon university. But you could tell us more about your education later. Now we must give you something called a 'Google employment test'". The man says, "What is the hypotenuse of an oblong trapezoid?" Picard says, "I don't know, I think its a square." The man says, "No, its a circle. We cannot allow you to work here at Google, you might want to get an education at an accredited Taelon university." Captain Picard says, "Well, I didn't think that question had anything to do with real knowledge. That's not fair." The man says, "The rules are the rules." On his way out, Picard overhears another applicant say, "They hired me, they will have my office ready tomorrow." On this man's shirt, Captian Picard sees a pro-Taelon slogan with a number of circular emblems.

Captain Picard, not knowing what to do, sees a woman on the street. He askes her, "Did you attend a Taelon university?" The woman says, "Of course I did, I have a four year degree." Captain Picard thinks of giving this woman an employment test himself. He askes, "Did You take math?" The woman says, "I did." Captain Picard says, "Did you take statistics?" The woman says, "Well, yes, and I was even told that I was the best student in the class." Captain Picard askes, "Good. Tell me, what is the probability of rolling two sixes on a pair of dice." The woman takes a long pause and says, "I just can't think of the answer offhand. I have to go back to my house, I have more studies and I have to renegotiate some things with a few clients at work tomorrow. If you'd like, I can set up an investment account for you at my firm." Captain Picard says, "Sorry, I'm broke."

Walking down the street, Captain Picard yells outloud to passerbys, "How can you people take everything away from me? How can you demand that we go to Taelon universities, that don't even care whether people learn. What are you all, insane?" A few people stare at him. Captain Picard says, "You are insane. You just make things up as you go along and demand that people do irrational things. Why don't you fight the people who make you do these things, why don't you resist?" The other people look away, as if they don't care anymore. Captain Picard says, "That's okay. At least I know what's going on." Then he stands still, closes his eyes, and in a firm voice says, "Let Us End This Charade", which was one of his most effective lines on Star Trek The Next Generation. Captain Picard opens his eyes and finds out that nothing has gone back to normal, his line was ineffective.

Captain Picard goes into a hotel lobby, turns on a T.V., and sees a news show. A voice says, "This is CNN". He changes the channel, and another voice says, "This is Fox News" Watching CNN, Captain Picard hears someone say that carbon dioxide is a toxic gas. He says to himself, "yet more buffoons, if carbon dioxide was toxic I would be coughing and dying." 


Switching to Fox, Picard hears an argument that People who are accused of a crime should not be provided a lawyer for free, and he says to himself, "How could they allow someone to say such a thing?" Watching for a couple hours, Captain Picard says to himself that if all these things are true, then he is now living in a fascist state. Captain Picard realizes that this is a much different world that he had thought, and remembered that before watching CNN and FOX News, he had watched ABC News, beamed directly to him from Federation headquarters.

Sitting on a street curb, Captain Picard sees a police officer walking by. He thinks to himself, "If I could just take those guys out, one by one, I could regain my command and restore democracy." He considers picking up a candlestick and using it to hit the officer, the way he had done many times on The Enterprise to fight his worst foes. But then he realizes that the officer is armored and armed, and that he is not just a wimpy cadette wearing a thin synthetic uniform. And, Captain Picard realizes that if he hurts anyone, he will get in serious trouble. Captain Picard suddenly remembers that some of his voyages had been an illusion, and that The Federation might have been drugging him much of the time. "At least" he says to himself, he has been able to break his addiction to what The Federation has been giving him, and to avoid Federation doctors.

Still sitting on the curb, Captain Picard begins to weep uncontrollably at the thoughts of having no money and having to live in a fascist state. Suddenly, he hears a voice say to him, "I'm Renee, and this is Liam." Renee says, "Your name is indeed Jean Luc. You were kidnapped, and earth was taken over by beings called the Taelons." Liam says, "I see that you as well as us have been abused by these creatures. Come with us to our underground bunker, and we'll explain why these things are happening." Renee then says to Captain Picard, "If you feel up to it, we'll even let you join our resistance movement."

Influence Of The Commonality:
As I write my webpages, I feel that what I write is at times influenced by the commonality I am a part of. The question is whether to accept this commonality or to reject it. If I accept the influence of the commonality, other people might respond a very small fraction of the time. If I reject the influence of the commonality, other people will never respond, over decades and decades. When I first set about writing these things, I was hoping to use logic. For instance, I know that people will never respond to moral arguments or academic principles. But as time went on, I began to frequently double check what I wrote with the commonality. I feel that if I reject the commonality, other people will become mute, I will be made to fail, and all of my efforts will be for naught. If I accept the commonality, I may suceed, with the qualification that working too much on my webpages will be a waste of time and money. Ultimately, it doesn't matter whether I accept or reject the commonality, because I will not be allowed to succeed or communicate with other people too much anyway.